Kaynette Williams: From Blake Shelton’s First Love to Award-Winning Teacher

kaynette williams

Popular culture recognizes Kaynette Williams largely as the ex-wife of country music superstar Blake Shelton. But Kaynette is more than simply the ex-spouse of a famous person. She has several hats to wear: businesswoman, equestrian, and educator. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at Kaynette Williams’s life and accomplishments, including both her personal and professional history.

Childhood & Early Learning

Kaynette Francis Gern was born on February 20, 1973, in Ada, Oklahoma, United States, and later changed her name to Williams. Ada is where she and her sisters, Orpha and Roggie, grew up, and it was there that she discovered and nurtured her talent for singing. She sought to make a profession out of it, but it did not work out for her.

Kaynette graduated from the high school there in Ada, and it was there that she first met Blake Shelton. She enrolled at a nearby university and eventually graduated with a BA in finance. A second degree in human sciences followed.

Success in Profession

Kaynette Williams began her career in a Kansas elementary school after completing her education. She put in a lot of time and effort and is now well-recognized as an expert in the area of education. She also hosted several events and contests at her school. Apart from being an educator, Kaynette is also a horse rider and entrepreneur.

She is involved in horse breeding and training at her Oklahoma ranch. She also has her own clothing brand under the name Kaynette’s Kloset. Kaynette is also a strong supporter of equal rights for women. Her activism and advocacy have made her a household name, and she has followers all around the globe as a result.

Marriage to Blake Shelton

The romance between Kaynette Williams and Blake Shelton dates back to their high school years. They became close, and on November 17, 2003, they tied the knot in a modest ceremony in Gatlinburg, Tennessee. Their wedding guest list consisted entirely of close friends and family. Williams was Shelton’s first road manager back when he was first starting out. Unfortunately, they were unable to maintain a happy marriage and split up in 2006. Kaynette said that Shelton’s behavior throughout the marriage was unsatisfactory.

She got a divorce and then returned to her native Oklahoma to avoid seeing her ex-husband. Eventually, Shelton started dating Miranda Lambert, who is also a successful country singer and songwriter. They tied the knot in 2011, but their marriage would continue for barely four years. Shelton began dating Gwen Stefani after the breakup, and the two were married in 2021.

The Private World of Kaynette Williams

After her marriage to Blake Shelton ended in divorce, Kaynette Williams relocated to Oklahoma to start a new life. She avoided her ex-husband and everything that reminded her of their failed marriage. Shelton and Lambert’s relocation to Oklahoma, however, came as a shock to Kaynette. She subsequently relocated to a separate area to avoid any confrontation with her ex-husband.

Kaynette Williams got married in 2017 to Cody Joe Sheck, a steer roping rodeo champion. In 2015, when Kaynette relocated to Kansas for a new start, they began dating.  There are no children from Kaynette and Cody’s relationship. Kaynette has kept a low profile ever since she wed Cody, and little is known about her outside the couple.

The Consequences of Separation

Kaynette relocated back to Oklahoma after the divorce and went back to work as a primary school teacher. She avoided the spotlight by keeping a low profile and avoiding interviews.  However, Blake went on to become a country music sensation, recording song after hit and even appearing as a judge on the smash television program The Voice.

And in 2015, he publicly separated from his second wife, fellow country singer Miranda Lambert. Kaynette and Blake seem to have both recovered from the breakup of their marriage and moved on with their lives. Kaynette has stayed out of the spotlight while Blake is engaged to fellow Voice judge Gwen Stefani.

Fun Facts

This elementary school teacher has won an award.

Kaynette Williams returned to Oklahoma after her divorce from Blake Shelton and found employment as an elementary school teacher. She’s received a bunch of honors, and she just keeps becoming better and better at what she does.

Are they still friends?

Kaynette and Blake haven’t been seen in public together in a long time, so it’s hard to tell whether they’re still friends. Blake has been open about the emotional toll of their split, but it’s unclear whether the exes still keep in contact.

Wedding proposal

During the midst of an exciting day of hunting, Blake asked Kaynette to be his wife. They had a daylong party with their closest friends before getting married secretly that night.


When she was married to country music artist Blake Shelton, Kaynette Williams became well-recognized. They’ve been married since 2003, although they met in high school. Their marriage, however, did not survive and they separated in 2006. Since then, Kaynette has avoided the spotlight and kept it out of the media’s eye. She has been discreet about her connection with Blake, preferring to keep their private lives out of the spotlight. Meanwhile, Blake married pop singer Gwen Stefani and became a country music sensation.

Kaynette and Blake seem to have both moved on with their lives and cut off communication with one other despite their shared history. Kaynette’s connection with Blake may have catapulted her into the spotlight, but she is still an individual with her own interests and ambitions. She has been able to keep her personal life and teaching profession apart from Blake Shelton’s public persona, indicating that she is more than just another ex-spouse.