Meet Alexis Knief, the Exquisite Wife of Timothy Olyphant

Alexis Knief

Who Is Alexis Knief? Well, you might know her talented husband, Timothy Timothy Olyphant. But, this article is not about him, here we are going to cover everything about Alexis Knief, the beautiful wife of Timothy Olyphant. Without waiting further, let us discover more about her personal life and her family.

Birth, Parents, and Education

Alexis Knief was born on 1st January, 1970 At present, her age is 54 years. She was raised in America and graduated from the University of Southern California, where she met her future husband. She is, by far, a very private person and rarely posts on her social media. So, we do not possess information about her parents.

Love Story of Timothy Olyphant and Alexis Knief

Alexis Knief and Timothy Olyphant’s sweet love affair kicked off at the University of Southern California back in their college years. The two met up and instantly became the perfect pals from there, and their bond grew.

They first got engaged, and then married in 1991. Despite Timothy Olyphant’s rise to fame, the couple managed to keep their romance low-key and focused on building a family and supporting each other.

Theirs is a relationship known for mutual supportiveness and dedication. Timothy has been zealous not to forego any opportunity to discuss teamwork between them to make their relationship successful.

Alexis, less public about her career, has dramatically been supportive of the successful career that Timothy has enjoyed in acting.


Timothy Olyphant and Alexis Knief have three wonderful children together, Grace, Henry and Vivian; born in 1999, 2001, and 2003 respectively Grace is a luxury fashion stylist, Vivian is making her mark as an actress, and Henry is also part of this talented trio. It’s clear that family is a big part of their lives, and they cherish the time they spend together.

Timothy Olyphant: Husband

Timothy Olyphant is a well-known actor in both TV and movies. He started out in small roles and became famous for playing Sheriff Seth Bullock in the HBO series “Deadwood” (2004-2006). This role made him popular and showed his talent for playing deep, complex characters.

After “Deadwood,” Olyphant starred as Deputy U.S. Marshal Raylan Givens in the FX series “Justified” (2010-2015). His strong and charismatic performance earned him multiple Emmy nominations and made him a top TV actor.

In movies, Olyphant has played key roles in several hits. He was the main villain, Thomas Gabriel, in “Live Free or Die Hard” (2007).

He also appeared in “Catch and Release” (2006), “Hitman” (2007), “A Perfect Getaway” (2009), and “The Crazies” (2010). His wide range of roles shows his versatility as an actor, handling both action and comedy well.

Social Media Presence

Alexis Knief, the wife of actor Timothy Olyphant, is known for her privacy and has not established a significant social media presence. While Timothy Olyphant is active on platforms like Instagram and Twitter, Alexis prefers to keep her life out of the public eye.

Career of Children

Grace Olyphant, the oldest daughter of Timothy and Alexis Olyphant, has a background in sports, especially tennis. She played successfully at California Polytechnic State University and later moved into fashion.

Grace has worked as a stylist for big names like Savage X Fenty, Tiffany Wendel, Bergdorf Goodman, The RealReal, and Wayman + Micah. Henry Olyphant, the son of actor Timothy Olyphant, is a student at a top university in the United States.

Unlike his father, he hasn’t pursued a career in entertainment. Henry is an artist and graduated from Parsons School of Design – The New School in 2023. He focuses on painting, printmaking, and using Adobe products. Vivian Olyphant, the youngest daughter, is an actress.

She made her onscreen debut in 2023 in the FX series “Justified: City Primeval,” playing Willa Givens, the 15-year-old daughter of Raylan Givens. Vivian studied acting at William Esper Studio in New York and also studied songwriting at Berklee College of Music.

She has a strong passion for music and released her first single, “Lil More Reason,” which she wrote after her freshman year while filming “Justified: City Primeval.”

Net Worth

Alexis Knief has an estimated net worth of around $1 million. It’s important to note that this figure is not publicly confirmed and may vary based on different sources. Whereas, her husband Timothy Olyphant has an estimated net worth of $20 million as of May 2024.

Bottom Line

In this article, we’ve taken a peek into the life of Alexis Knief, the wife of Timothy Olyphant. From her early days to her current endeavors, Alexis has shown that she’s more than just a name in Hollywood.

She’s a person who values privacy and family above all else. While she may not be in the limelight as much as her husband, her presence is felt through her support and love.