How to Apply for a Tax Registration Number in the UAE

How to Apply for a Tax Registration Number in the UAE

The tax system’s complexity in the United Arab Emirates is constantly changing along with the country’s economic environment. Obtaining a Tax Registration Number (TRN) is essential as more companies and individuals are subject to Value Added Tax (VAT). Applying for this distinct 15-digit identification can be intimidating, but it is your key to tax compliance in the United Arab Emirates. But do not worry! This thorough tutorial will help you understand the TRN application process and provide the information and techniques you need to get your number quickly. Tax consultants Dubai are experts in VAT and corporate tax and can quickly help you obtain your VAT Tax Registration Number from the Federal Tax Authority.

So, who needs a tax registration number in the UAE?

In the UAE, only some people need a TRN. You can omit this step if you are an individual or salaried employee not engaged in taxable activities. Nonetheless, the ensuing organizations need to apply for a TRN:

  • Companies with taxable turnover over AED 375,000 are required to register for VAT
  • Companies willingly registering for Value-Added Tax
  • Over AED 375,000 in taxable turnover, freelance professionals and consultants
  • Individuals that import more than AED 3,000 worth of products
  • Applicants seeking particular permits or licenses that call for a TRN

Requirements and Planning for the TRN in the UAE

The TRN certificate and the TRN number can be obtained with the t]help of tax experts in the UAE and can be applied for in a procedure that is easy to follow. Make sure you have the following before starting the TRN registration process:

Emirates ID: All applicants and authorized signatories require a valid Emirates ID.

Business details: For companies, get hold of essential data such as trade licences, ownership details, and contact details. 

Financial documents: Create financial statements, import records, or income documents, depending on your activities.

Online resources: Create an online account at to register with the Federal Tax Authority (FTA).

Any further clarification on the documents required for specific cases can be obtained from the tax consultants in Dubai. 

The Easy Way to Register for TRNs:

Account Creation: If you still need to, go to the FTA e-Services portal and register for an account. Your contact details and Emirates ID are required.

Profile of a Taxable Person: After you’ve logged in, select “Create New Taxable Person Profile.” This profile will handle your tax affairs and be connected to your TRN.

Registration for VAT: In your Taxable Person Account, select “Value Added Tax” and click “Register”. You will be asked a series of inquiries regarding your business activities, anticipated turnover, and tax eligibility.

Application Document: Make sure you select the correct registration option (voluntary or mandatory) and thoroughly fill out the online application. Make sure that the data corresponds with the documents that assist you.

Document Upload: By the FTA’s guidelines, scan and upload the necessary documents. These usually include trade licences, financial statements, Emirates IDs, and authorization letters (if relevant).

Examine and Submit: Before submitting, go over all uploaded files and the specifics of your application in depth. Processing fees must be paid after the form is submitted.

Verification and Approval: The FTA will process Your application and check any uploaded papers. You can use your e-Services account.

TRN Issuance: Your distinct 15-digit TRN will be issued and shown in your e-Services account following a successful verification process. For future use, download and store your TRN certificate.

You can contact the tax consultants in Dubai for any assistance you may need in obtaining your TRN number.

Some other important tips to obtain your TRN in the UAE easily

Seek Professional Assistance: If you have any questions or concerns about complicated business arrangements, you should consult a financial counsellor or tax agent.

Preserve Documentation: Store your TRN certificate and any associated paperwork in a digital or physical file for future reference and audits.

Regular Updates: Any changes to your business activities, authorized signatories, or contact details should be quickly reported to the FTA.

Adherence is Essential: Recall that acquiring a TRN is only the initial measure. To avoid fines, follow all tax laws and ensure your VAT returns are appropriately filed on time.

You may quickly obtain a TRN in the United Arab Emirates with proper preparation and our comprehensive guide. Recall that a TRN promotes openness in the UAE tax system and permits you to conduct lawful company operations. Thus, start becoming compliant and discover the opportunities with a UAE TRN!

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