4 Outstanding Ways to Put Your Towel Organizer on Display

towel organizer

How typically you store your bath towels? Personally speaking, I keep mine get folded up and shoved into our freestanding bathroom. Towel organizer is the best way to keep all things in a mannered and organized way.

As we know that internet geniuses out, there have come up with amazing hacks to roll or fold a towel and many other items, but what if you want to do is shown them off?  Let’s discuss some personally my favorite methods: how to store and display the towel accessories that they will change your bathroom for the better.

4 methods to put your towel for best –store and display 


Hang Them On A Leaning Ladder

Even if you have a small bathroom, chances are you probably have enough room to place this Steel & Wood Leaning Ladder against the wall. Most people use this style of ladder to hold blankets and towels, but how good would it look draped with your bathroom hand towels?

As rungs are not only the perfect place to hang towels of all sizes,  the vast model now has a shelf at the top. You can use it to hold all types of items, whether decorative and functional, and it’s the perfect little place for a humidity-loving bathroom plant and it saves the last rung for your bath mat too, so when it’s extra saturated, it has a place to hang dry.                                              

Roll Them Up On A Shelf

It can be challenging to get fold towels to sit nicely on the shelve, which is why you need this product, i.e., Interlocking Towel Organizer, to keep them organized. With this kind of organizer on your bathroom shelf or counter, you can easily roll up your towels and store them within reach without the worry of them rolling off the edge. You can attach several of them to make room for as many lines as you need.                           

Drape them over handmade hooks

You can buy Command Hooks to hang up towels on the wall, but let me tell you, they’re not the most stylish product out there. I like to prefer a hook that looks just as good “naked” as it does when there’s a towel on it.

Air them on freestanding racks also

If you don’t want to put a towel bar on the wall, this freestanding towel bar hanger is the solution you’ve been searching for. This slim metal design can hold up to 4-5 towels, yet it’s only 6 inches wide. So it will be going to take minimal space in your bathroom. You can even stash them away when it’s not in use, and you know how much we love space-spacing storage solutions.

These are 4 unique ways for towel organizers which help you as they will provide you space-saving storage solutions to all your problems and help you. So, go and check the unique collection we had in our store. For any inquiry, contact us. We will deal with all your problems and resolve them.