What your Sydney Mobile Auto Electrician wants you to know about your Car

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Have you ever thought about how much knowledge mobile auto electricians have? Cars are complex and intricate pieces of equipment that are mastered only by auto electricians. Many things can go wrong with a car; from their engines to their air conditioning systems and everything in between. It’s safe to say that after working consistently on cars for a living, your nearby auto electricians deserves the title of, ‘expert’.

So, why does this matter?

Well, auto electricians know best how to repair cars and how to avoid an unnecessary trip to your local auto electrician. Sure, sometimes things happen that are out of your control. We’re not saying that you can completely avoid a visit to your auto electrician however, there are some practices that you can implement into your daily routine that can prevent the number of times that you visit your auto electrician. Sounds great, doesn’t it? Let’s take a look at why you should listen to your auto electrician (apart from them being experts in this field).

  • Save money by a reduced number of visits and a reduction in the severity of the damage to your car
  • Avoid unnecessary damage
  • Spot issues before they become worse
  • Avoid dangerous and deadly accidents
  • Avoid the chance of being stuck in a malfunctioning car
  • Save time by avoiding being left without a car (during repair) or wasting time at an auto electrician’s shop

Now that we understand the value in implementing practices in the life of your car, let’s take a look at what they are.

Maintain the exterior of your car

Most people tend to think that once it’s not major, the exterior of a car is not a major issue. However, most auto electricians will contest this. The exterior of a car can severely impact the longevity of your vehicle’s life and its re-sale value. Mobile auto electricians recommend that you immediately fix dents, scratches and scrapes, even if they seem minor, to prevent any worsening of the damage. Get your car regularly washed, waxed and maintain your tires. If you follow this advice, you’ll find that rust and fading issues are a thing of the past.

Monitor the fuel levels of your car and ensure that they are topped up

Coolant, power steering fluid, transmission fluid, brake fluid and others should be checked at least every week. Ask your auto electrician how to check these levels and monitor them as best you can. This way you’ll be able to detect leaks, irregularities in levels, dangerous smells and potential damage that may otherwise go unnoticed.

Talk to a mobile auto electrician near you about your car’s oil

Though other fluids are important, your car cannot function without oil. It is essentially its blood. The oil acts as a lubricant between moving parts in your engine, helping to cut down friction, dir build-up and heat and eventual wear and tear. Without it, your car can easily prematurely shut down.  Change or have your auto electrician change your oil every 5000 to 6000 kilometres. However, you should check its level every week or, every other gas fill-up, depending on how much you drive. Even though many oil manufacturers claim to last longer, seasoned auto electricians recommend this length.

Don’t weigh down your keys

According to mobile auto electricians, if you carry more than four keys or have a heavy keychain then, you may be damaging your ignition internal parts. The weight of your keys or keychain can pull down on the ignition key or steering lock causing the barrels inside to wear down. Once these start to deteriorate, then you may start to experience problems in starting your engine. At this stage, you may have to visit your auto electrician. However, to avoid an unnecessary visit and cost, simply lessen the weight on your keys. Ideally, you should only have your car’s key in the ignition, without additional weight.

Always use the correct fuel type

Though it may be tempting to use the cheapest or most available fuel, you can be causing your car serious internal damage. There’s a reason that cars come with a recommended fuel type and according to mobile auto electricians, it’s not one that you should take lightly. Using the wrong type of fuel in your car can lead to misfires, reduced engine power, faster detonation and permanent damage to your engine. It’s dangerous and can be very costly to repair the damage that it can cause.

If you haven’t taken these steps and are worried about your car’s condition, then we suggest that you take your car immediately to a mobile auto repair technician. Do you need a mobile auto repair technician for your car? There are several companies in Sydney that will be able to help service and repair your car.