How Much Is Spray Foam Loft Insulation?

Spray insulation

Condensation issues in roof and loft spaces have become commoner in the last 2 – 3 decades. Although this might not be harmful in itself, too much condensation can result in more acute issues in the loft – such as black spot mold, dry rot, wet rot etc. With spray foam insulation, you can prevent loft condensation problems easily.

Can you Get Condensation in the Loft?

Yes, but it is easy to stop condensation in loft spaces in several easy ways. Mainly, you have to ensure the space is ventilated effectively, so as to boost the flow of air into it. It can also let an easier dispersion of damp air occur outside, instead of having it settled over the surfaces of the loft. To be able to do this, you might like to make sure that the ventilators in your loft space are not obstructed by anything. With spray foam insulation also, you can address your loft space condensation problems.

Spray Foam Insulation Expenses

This kind of loft insulation cost is generally on the higher side, and you have to pay about 27 pounds per sq. m. for the installation of a 40 mm layer of insulation. Is spray foam loft insulation government funded? In some cases, yes! If you live in some areas where it comes with government aid or as part of the Green Homes Grant scheme, if you are found to be eligible, you can of course get an aid and cut down on some of your expenses on the insulation.

Why People are Considering Foam Insulation?

The reason for choosing spray foam insulation in their homes because it is low in cost alongside low in maintenance, There are many benefits of home insulation is given.


In UK homes, temperature control is the most important factor that adds to an increase in their energy bills. You can keep your house cool and warm according to the weather. If your house insulation is not working properly, at that point your consumption shoot up rapidly and you wind up paying more cash than expected. But if you properly install spray foam insulation into your home, you can find lower your energy bills. This is because it creates a strong barrier in your house. This results in lowering the transfer of heat between the outside wall and your home. You can stay indoors comfortably while keeping the utility bills on the lower side.

Is spray foam Good or Bad? 

It is good enough, although quite expensive. Although this is not an Eco-friendly option, it can help improve homes and also reduce the consumption of electricity – which is a main reason why aid is offered by the government. In case you are residing in a property as a tenant, suffering from condensation problems, and have tried all the DIY loft condensation solutions to prevent condensation without any success, it would be a better idea that you get in touch with spray foam installation professionals to address your loft space condensation problems.

Keep in mind that loft insulation causes condensation when damaged or set up incorrectly.  In such cases, replacement of the existing insulation might be the best way out of the problem. You might need professional help to get out of this mess. Thus, it is better to get it installed by professionals in the first place itself.

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