Raise Your Décor- Creative Skirting Board Ideas For a Stylish Home

Skirting Boards

Skirting boards often go unnoticed but are a brilliant value addition to interior designs that can easily translate into a lot more finesse and character in your home.

Apart from saving your walls from scuffs and marks, these architectural features can also be a canvas for creative expression. We bring six skirting board ideas that will not only lend an added dimension to your living spaces but also infuse new life into your home décor.

Crown Molding Skirting Boards

They infuse an essence of iconic royal luxury into your home with simply luxurious crown moulding skirting boards. Extending our classic ornate designs, these skirting profiles uplift and add grandeur and sophistication to any setting.

Choose one that complements your present interior style, such as Victorian, Georgian, or Edwardian themes. Crown moulding skirting boards from mdf ogee skirting board, that perfectly suit living rooms with a formal touch, dining spaces and master bedrooms.

Minimalistic Skirting Board Designs

Let silhouette do the talking with these simplistic skirting board designs. Simple profiles and clean lines give a modern, sleek look. Opt for skirting boards with minimal details or an even profile to give more of a contemporary and clean feel. This style will suit all interiors, from loft living in town to minimalist apartments.

Wooden Skirting Boards

Bring the feel of nature snugly inside your house with wooden skirting boards. Wood is rustic and warm in appearance, thus giving a space or room this snug feeling no matter how small.

Then choose the species matching your decor – from solid oak for a classic look, pine for a more casual vibe or reclaimed wood for an eco-friendly touch. Wooden skirtings work very well in living rooms, bedrooms and country-style kitchens.

Custom skirting Board Panels

Unleash your creativity with custom skirting board panels that will make your space unique and one-of-a-kind. This option would allow you to make your skirting board a work of art. Add geometric patterns and floral or wall art to fit the room‘s design. This tailor-made approach adds a unique touch to the home, making it the envy of your guests.

Coloured Skirting Boards

Forget about boring white or various shades of neutral colours and break from tradition by opting for more daring, contrasting colours to make a statement. This trend is perfect for contemporary or eclectic interiors where you want the skirting board to be noticed. Try dark shapes like navy blue, deep green or even black for a dramatic effect.

Skirting Boards With Inbuilt Storage

When storage is built into your skirting boards because this combines with functionality style, saving space becomes easy. This new design solution will be perfect for compact spaces where every inch should be well-organized.

Choose skirting board from mdf ogee skirting board with built-in shelves or hidden compartments to place small items, books, or other interior decorations. This is a space-saving that some designs can come up with.

Quick Tips For Choosing The Perfect Skirting Board

  • Choose skirting boards matching your home’s architectural style.
  • Either choose a colour of skirting board that matches or blends with the colour of your wall or choose a contrasting colour for a fashionable look.
  • Focus on the height whereby the skirting board will go up; taller skirting boards can make a room feel more grand and bigger.
  • Trial different materials, say MDF, hardwood, or even PVC, depending on the budget and style.
  • Consult with a professional interior designer for personalized advice when in doubt.