Guide to Buying the Right Chipping Net for Golf


Many golfers consider buying a golf chipping net, as it helps them practice and get better at chip shots, saves them thousands of dollars that they may need to spend on club membership, and enables them to enjoy golf even when the weather doesn’t allow it. However, buying the right one can be challenging, especially if you are buying it for the first time. But with little help, you can have the best piece in your backyard. Here are a few factors to consider when buying a golf chipping net and get the most out of it:

Consider the material

Since the chipping net is used mostly in the backyard, you need to pay meticulous attention to the quality of its net and frame. Make sure it’s made of a durable material that can withstand the test of harsh weather conditions, such as sunlight, rain, etc. A good chipping net for golf is the one that is lightweight but also durable when used outdoors, as well as indoor.

Removable netting

There are many types of chipping net available on the market. However, you should go for the one that comes with an option of removable netting, as it enables you to practice your shots in multiple ways. Removing the netting is generally easy in these types of chipping net for golf, as they come with either velcro or zips.

Go for three targets

If you are serious about improving your chip shots, you should buy a chipping net for golf that has three targets. By practicing on such a net, not only will you have more control over your shots, but you will also improve your accuracy.

A carrying case is a must

Like most golf accessories, a chipping net is also portable, designed to help you carry it easily and store without any space headache. However, you will have a much better experience storing and carrying it if it comes with a carrying case equipped with a comfortable grip. Make sure you are also getting a carrying bag with the chipping net for golf.

Don’t overlook the cost

A chipping net is generally affordable; however, it would not be wise to pay $100 for a small net. Many online stores provide golf accessories at a fairly reasonable price, whereas others may try to get more money out of your pocket. Consider buying it from a reliable online store that specializes in golf accessories, such as a golf flag with a cup, and has chipping nets that meet your specific needs.

In a nutshell

Buying a chipping net for your golf practice doesn’t have to be difficult, provided you know what factors to consider and how to get your hands on the best pieces. If you need a good one, Golf Anytime has a good collection of durable and affordable nets for golfers.