How To Refresh Your Garage Floor With Concrete Resurfacing


The future of flooring improvement depends on three essential aspects: eco-chic, personalized, and functional. With these three words, no material will pass these three but concrete. In this article, we will show you how to resurface the garage space with concrete floors so that you will be able to achieve a sustainable yet stylish look for garages.

Learn how to create personalization’s for your garage areas and increase their usefulness and function while performing your most important project. Your garage areas will be the main witness for everything!

Five Ways To Refresh The Gory State Of The Garages

You could be delving into your first time getting into a garage makeover. You can try several improvements to refresh the look of your garage. Transforming these floor spaces’ look and features is a great starting point for makeovers. But if you have something in mind, like a plan for your garage space, you can talk to experts.

Another plan which you can look into is to localize your garage. For example, garage floor sealers Seattle would be made especially for regions where flooding often occurs. Floods are common trouble for residents. Resurfacing pros at Northwest Concrete Resurfacing, whose team specializes in custom floorings, can employ features that owners would request they want to achieve.

You can stain the floors or change the mats protecting the surface. Or you can repaint the floor for practical purposes. There is also concrete resurfacing to avoid drastic repair but still give a new lease of life to the flooring, which is heavily damaged. Let us have a quick discussion about how each one goes.

Changing The Floor Materials: Tiles, Mats, Carpeting

The garage floor would often have some kind of cover on them. Mats made of rubber or synthetic carpet are often what you would see in garage spaces anywhere. Oter will have vinyl tiles that have smooth, even surfaces. These are materials that give protection from oil, grease, and chemicals that come from garage activities. Sometimes, you will have cardboard boxes to repurpose them on top of other coverings.

However, these materials need constant changing and upkeep. The mats and carpets need washing from time to time. With this constant cleaning, you are reducing your capacity for increased productivity. Changing these covers forever can be a refreshing idea for you! Think of not having to roll up and roll down carpets anymore. Or lock in and out the tiles to get the underlying concrete floor cleaned.

Garage Floor Recovery With Resurfacing

Garage floors require intense cleaning and repair. Once you pull out the detachable coverings, you will see darker truths hiding underneath the clean covers. The promise of such covers only minimizes the real issues that go on the floors whenever elements hit the surface.

Oil and grease may still leak. Chemicals may still seep through the materials, and eventually, they will all damage the floor surface at some point. Concrete resurfacing would help immensely to refresh the state of the garage floorings fully. The process also becomes less expensive than repair.

You can also create more permanent fixes to often untidy garage flooring with resurfacing. One effective recovery for your weathered garage floor is resurfacing it with a polished one. You will only need your exciting concrete for this, and with decorative resurfacing, you can finish the surface with clear, smooth coatings.

It will be like epoxy, but you’ll see the smooth, sleek grey concrete flooring. Moreover, it is way more practical and cost-efficient than epoxy.

Garage Floor Options that are Durable and Last Long

These next options include more advanced materials like epoxy and polyurethane coatings. Durable garage floors are an investment. But once you are settled in your properties and planning for long-term use of the spaces, investing in epoxy and polyurea-polyaspartic materials is worth it.

Like epoxy, these materials have rock-solid strength. In terms of resistance, these ones got the badges of honor. They are like the cream above the crop. The epoxy sealers and urethane coats are the spatial trick to make the permanent floors long-lasting.

You further enhance the functionality of the flooring by finishing it up with layers of garage sealers and coatings and making any weather floors breathe their new life.

Adding Sustainable Floor Materials

To make a sustainable statement on your garage floorings, use loose materials. Sustainable, eco-friendly materials are what you need to embrace as the future of your garage floorings. Know what some of the examples of them:

Rubber Mulch

These are often used as part of the landscaping in a backyard but also for driveways. This material can inspire you to recycle your old rubber mats used in the garages you just pulled out of your garage area after reading the first option we listed a while ago.

You can turn your old and tattered mats into a mulch pile. Then, instead of using a new material that comes in a uniform sheet, why not go experimental with rubber mulch? That can inspire you to transform the garages into an outdoor, open-style garage.

Polished Concrete

It comes with the same quality as typical epoxy in terms of the surface finish and texture. It’s smooth, even, and shiny. Polished concrete is finished with concrete sealers that closely resemble resin coatings, making it sustainable for future use. Concrete is nature-safe by having the ability to absorb

Concrete flooring is a more economical choice. Aside from being economical, it also gives a unique close-to-nature vibe with a grey cemented surface. Your commercial garage space will gain more attraction and potential visitors by exuding a unique style as an eco-chic garage.

Non-Toxic Epoxy

You read that right! There is such a thing as non-toxic epoxy. These variants have a lower impact on the environment. Installing it has 0-waste yield, no matter what will go to waste, and it has 0 VOC. That beats the atypical reason why only a few percent of VOC still exists.

Going out of style is not your concern now with eco-chic materials. Resurfacing pros from Commercial Concrete St Louis offers eco-conscious solutions for various flooring installation areas. You can review their past creations; check here for their gallery.

They are just one of the many examples of localized, innovative flooring contractors that will not compromise aesthetic form quality. That is it for the future of your garage floors! Never fear having new options with fresh perspectives because what you visualize is what will materialize in your spaces!