Raymond Halliwell Provides Guide to Set-Up a Business Website

Business Website


Hi, I am Raymond Halliwell, a passionate and enthusiastic digital marketing professional with 3-year experience as a freelancer. I am an excellent communicator, a practical thinker, and a creative mind. Today we are going to talk about a guide to set up a business website.

What is a Website? And its Benefit

A set of related web pages located under a single domain name, typically produced by a single person or organization is called a website. 

Benefits of Having a Website: –

it helps you display details of your product, or services and get your brand out to your audiences. A website can be very important for your business here are some features of a website for your business. 

  1. It allows your business to be open 24/7 
  2. It helps to reach your business globally.
  3. Increasing a global audience. 
  4. It improves your business productivity and engagement.

Basic Steps to Create a Website: –

1: – Make a Strategy

Every start-up whether they are of a product, company, or website needs a proper strategy like which audience they want to target. How they want to engage with their audience. Clarifying responsibilities, you have to clarify responsibilities. 

2: – Decide The Type of Your Website

If you want to be able to sell your product and services, you have to make an e-commerce website. If you want to tell the audience about you only then a basic website will be sufficient. 

3: – Register and Pick Your Domain Name 

You cannot make a website without a web server or a domain name and apart from the strategies you need to pick and create a domain name to upload your website to the internet. 

4: – Designing Your Website

You have to pick and design your website in such a way that it should attract and catch the eye of everyone that visits it. You can choose from the free templates or you can hire a professional for a more complex design. 

5: – Choose a Web Hosting Server 

One of the most important features while making a website, is choosing a web hosting service. choose a web hosting server according to your website need and one that is always connected to the internet.

6: – SEO Optimization 

You don’t want your website to keep in shadow while other similar websites keep on getting boost up. SEO is a set of techniques used to help the search engine find understand and rank your website, against similar websites. 

  7: – Launch Your Website 

Feedback and interaction is the most important thing to grow and correct your mistakes. Check your websites for errors, and if there is no error, go live with your website and tell your customers to provide feedback on how you can improve your website. You have to grow and implement new plans according to the trends you have to keep on evolving through time be creative with your website. I am Raymond Halliwell I have created many websites during the time of my freelancing I have a creative mind that made me do some creative things with the website. 

It is very important to research before you develop a business website. you have to choose which audience you have to target and which is the right time to launch your website to make it reach its maximum potential. And to stand out of your competition you have to make your website and online presence unique, you have to work on people’s feedback that they offer and you have to keep developing with time.