What are the Pros and Cons of Distance Learning?

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Distance learning is becoming the preferred choice of many students because it offers a wide range of opportunities for students. It gives them the flexibility to learn regardless of their time and place. Distance learning allows the students to choose when, how, and what they want to learn. With so much flexibility comes a wide range of problems as well. While some students may benefit from distance learning, others may not feel the same about it.


Saves Time and Energy

Distance learning saves a lot of time and energy that would be otherwise spent on unnecessary activities. For example, it doesn’t require students to reach the class on time regardless of their circumstances. This keeps the mind at ease and reduces anxiety and stress manifolds. Nobody likes a hectic routine and this is exactly the type of thing that is possible with distance learning.


With distance learning, students truly are the master of their careers. They can study at that pace which they are comfortable with. This also allows having a good balance between studying and coursework.

Work-Life Balance

Students who are doing part-time jobs also benefit a lot from distance learning. They can easily work full time or part-time while earning their certificate. Distance learning does not interrupt your daily life. You can easily adjust your schedule based on your daily work routine.

Less Expensive

Fees have been exorbitant in the past few years. Add in a couple of extra costs like on-campus accommodation etc and you are already spending deep in your pockets. Additional course cost, time and money spent travelling and other miscellaneous costs can make traditional education more expensive. If someone wants to have the same education on a low budget, distance learning is an extremely feasible choice.


Although technologies like school IT support services have reduced the challenges to some extent, there are still some things to be fixed.

Lack of Social Interaction

We are social animals. That is why schools are structured the way they are. The interaction between a teacher and student is unlike any other. That is one of the many essentials of grooming a student’s personality. The lack of such interaction is detrimental to the mental grooming of the students. Most of the students prefer listening to their teachers when they are physically in front of them.

Less Motivational

There is also a lack of physical interaction between the students which is also essential for developing social skills. Since they don’t get the same level of interaction as they would get at the campus, they are less motivated. With no peer group interaction, they fail to develop essential social skills and the ability to face challenges. This is the sole factor that drives many students away from distance learning.

Bottom Line

Not all the students are the same and not all of them learn the same as well. Different students react differently to distance learning and will have different experiences. While it is true that distance learning is advantageous for many, it also affects the student’s ability to get out in the world and face it. These challenges are likely to be addressed soon.