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Poland’s job hiring is one of the leading business destinations in Europe with a lot of opportunities. There are many jobs for foreigners with specific degrees. In Poland, there is a low cost of living and high salaries. So that’s why it is one of the best options among European countries to settle in.

Popular Graduate jobs:

∙ Electrical Engineering
∙ Mechanical Engineering
∙ Civil Engineering
∙ Information Technology
∙ Chemical Engineering
∙ Telecommunication
∙ Logistics
∙ Accounting and Finance
∙ Sales representatives

Famous Multinational companies in Poland:

∙ Agora SA
∙ LOT Polish Airlines
∙ PKN Orlen
∙ RBS Poland
∙ FCA Group
∙ T Mobile Polska
∙ Toyota Motor Poland

Tips to get a Polish job:

1- Use of Polish job portals:

You can use different job portals to apply for Polish jobs by sitting at home. It is also an excellent option for foreigners to get a job before arriving in the country. It will increase their risk factor. There are many job portals where you can search for different Poland’s job hiring.
∙ Indeed
∙ pl.Fratres.net
∙ Indeed
∙ Jobs.pl
∙ Jobs in Warsaw
∙ Reed
∙ Interior
∙ Parca.pol

It is the most efficient way of job hunting. It saves you precious time and reduces your efforts to apply for a job. It will increase your chances of Poland’s job hiring.

2- Use of Newspapers:

You must read the advertisement page for every Polish newspaper because it has a lot of job opportunities. The famous newspapers of Poland are The Warsaw Voice, Gazeta Parca, and Zycie Warszawy. Read it thoroughly and highlight the area of your interest.

3- Private Recruitment Agencies:

Try to contact different polish recruitment agencies. They have many contacts in different companies and can help you land a job in your area of interest. They demand some percentage of commission once you are hired. Beware of scams too because some agencies require registration fees before getting you employed and 99% of them are a fraud. They never get you a job.

4- Try an internship:

If you are not getting a job, then many companies in Poland’s job hiring paid and unpaid internships. You should go for it. We are also against the paid internship because no one should work for free, but if that internship can give you some experience that will help you build your career, you should do that. Internship opportunities for engineers are at large in Poland. A maximum of 3 months of internship can make you ready for a professional job.

5- Focus on specific companies:

Focus on specific companies instead of applying for general vacancies. Prepare yourself for particular job interviews. It will help you prepare better, and your odds of Poland job hiring will increase.

6- Prepare your CV:

Prepare your CV before applying for any job. Your CV should give you all of your information. Don’t use an American resume in Poland; instead, use a British-style CV. Don’t make it boring; use short sentences and try different keywords to make it convincing.

7- Use research:

When you are called for an interview, always research the company. If you don’t know about where you want to get employed, it gives an awful and casual impression during the interview. Do thorough research about the products, financial conditions, and work culture of that company. It will increase your chances of getting the job.

8- Prepare for interviews:

Prepare yourself for the interview questions. Do rehearsal in front of the mirror. Be confident. Don’t be fake during an interview. Try to be polite and humble. Ask questions and try to convince them how you will solve the problems of the company?

9- Always Negotiate

Don’t settle with the offered privileges and salary package; always do negotiate with the employer. Don’t give the impression that you are comfortable while on the other hand, don’t be so rigid on your demands.

Poland’s job hiring procedure is not complicated; instead, it is one of the easiest because Poland is the business center of many multinational companies. That’s why there is a wide range of opportunities for job seekers. If you follow the tips mentioned above, your journey of job hunting will be a piece of cake.