You can Play to your Strengths and Shine by Wilhelm Lilliehook

Strengths and Shine

Why do we tend to focus more on our weaknesses rather than our strengths? This is a culture that stems from childhood where we are constantly reminded of areas we need to improve. We devote time and energy brooding on areas we have received complaints, criticisms, insults, and all negativities. How about the good stuff, the compliments, areas you have been told you did a great job, and times when others have to seek your counsel or advice because they believe you are the best at it. 

Imagine brooding on those wonderful moments and feeling them to the core. Imagine putting your attention on what you are best at. Imagine those rush of gratitude and pride you experience when you receive compliments. This has proven to be one of the valuable keys to a happy and fulfilled life. How can you play to your strengths? Here, Wilhelm Lilliehook, a successful entrepreneur provides more insights into this topic. 

First, What are your Strengths

“When asked what strengths means. The answer is always something you are perfect at. The ones you are good at. The ones you always carry out successful. As much as this is true, there is more to strengths than these”, Wilhelm Lilliehook says. Strengths is the activity where you derive joy and pleasure. They are work you feel connected with and you find yourself engrossed in. They are what you can gladly sacrifice your night sleep for. The zeal, drive, passion is there and you really feel engage with. Now, strength doesn’t mean you will not fail at it, it just means you are ready to get back and give it all it it takes to succeed and be the best at it. What are those activities or work? Think about it. 

 How Can you Identify your Strengths 

Your strengths can be related with your inborn abilities, traits or characters. They can be things you are naturally born with. It can also be skills you develop through training or knowledge acquired. They can be attributes and talents. Strengths can be emotional like bravery, intellectual like creativity, interpersonal like leadership skills, acquired like IT skills and much more.

To identify your strengths, what you perform excellently or that you frequently get compliments on are pointers to your strengths. It can also be work you are willing to put your all. What you love doing and you derive joy in doing them. “For instance, I enjoy engaging on creative activities. If it involves bringing my A-game on creativity, I’m all in for it, Wilhelm Lilliehook explains. 

How Can you Play to your Strengths 

Buid your business around your strengths: when you see someone doing what they are good at, we always wonder how they get to do them or where do they have the time. The point is you will always have the time for what you enjoy doing and you will always be willing to put in the energy to make it work. When you get started, you burn night candles, you put in energy and there is zeal and passion to get you going. 

Amplify your strengths: after you have identified your strengths, then it’s time to put it into good use. Seek opportunities for areas that will allow you to make use of your strengths. You can also take up volunteering work or activities where your strengths will be used to serve others. 

Fill the gaps: your weaknesses are someone else strengths. How about you let them handle it? You can get partners for areas of work that demotivate you. Work with those who have the skills and knowledge of areas you are lacking while you focus on the aspects of the business you are good at. You can also outsource those work to the best in the game. Therefore, instead of wasting your time and energy that only ends up giving you headache with no result. Focus on your core strengths and leave the rest for other to handle. 

Why Should you Play to your Strengths 

Things you excel at will naturally give you joy and make you a happy person. Instead of focusing on what is wrong or what you are not getting right, being more mindful of the strengths canale a feeat impact on the quality of life. Moreover, because you are more engaged with tbe work, it will boost productivity and fulfillment. An enjoyable work makes a happy man. 

Weaknesses, How Can you Embrace Them

Focusing on your strengths doesn’t mean ignoring your weaknesses. Weaknesses as well are not that bad. They are what gives you insight into areas that require growth. If it takes you to get a mentor, a coach, or setting of daily goals for improvement, then do it. However, you really do not have to be too hard on yourself when it comes to weaknesses and focusing on them doesn’t necessarily make you happier. However, being aware of your strengths can promote happiness while you work on the weaknesses. 


“The point is focusing on your strengths will make you shine brighter among the pack. Work on weaknesses that you can turn to strengthen. You can as well delegate those activities that got you depleted to those who are best at it,” Wilhelm Lilliehook concludes.