The Dos and Don’ts for Perfume Boxes

perfume boxes

Perfume manufacturers have always been immensely conscious of the style along with the fragrance. Perfume has been a luxury commodity and a statement of style for many. Just as high class and premium your perfumes are so should be their packaging. Therefore, the perfume companies do not compromise on the packaging, as it tells the brand value to the customers.

The degree of innovation involved in designing an aesthetically pleasing perfume box is unmatched by any other product. This is because the manufacturers are well aware of the fact that the fragrance we wear represents our style and class. The uniquely built premium perfume boxes add to the value and class of the perfume. 

Besides, the perfume boxes are almost always made with a rigid stock. This has to do not only with the alluring appearance associated with sturdy boxes but also with the safety and protection of the product. Perfumes are mostly carried by glass bottles which require utmost protection especially if they have to be delivered to far-off places. Hence they must be packaged safely in rigid sturdy boxes. These boxes carry a company’s logo and images or graphics specific to a brand. Besides they wear the particular colors of that brand by which it is recognized. Hence, the perfume boxes are a crucial means of creating brand awareness and helping people identify your brand readily. 

If you are dealing in perfumes and want to stay alive in the competitive market, you would have to pay attention to your packaging. More importantly, you need to partner with one of the best packaging firms in the market. Additionally, you should discuss your concerns and questions with the designers to get what you want from a packaging firm. Another important aspect is the customization that you must consider to create uniqueness and difference. It will help you develop your brand reputation in a competitive market.

Here are a few points to consider when you hire a packaging company to design bulk boxes for your perfumes;

Choose a Sturdy Stock

Perfumes are usually sold in glass bottles and these bottles need to be protected against breakage along the way to the online customers, during shipping, and on the retail store’s shelves. Hence, they need to be packaged in a sturdy box. Besides, the luxury items are mostly packed in luxury boxes which offer a hefty outlook. Hence, you need to be careful while choosing the most appropriate stock option. A solid box means a solid image. 

If the packaging cannot resist the shocks and rough handling or it becomes de-shaped quite easily, you cannot succeed in creating a solid image. Besides providing a classic outlook, a sturdy box allows the users to carry their favorite fragrance along securely as they travel. 

Corrugated, non-bendable cardboard stock with varying strength is one common option. However, many perfume brands also rely on wooden or tin boxes for their perfumes. H

Don’t Settle for Substandard Printing Service

You cannot expect your perfume to stand out or even survive if your printing quality is jotted up to the mark. With so many premium perfume boxes with outclass quality, a box with average printing quality stands no chance to be noticed. You must make sure that the packaging company uses the most advanced equipment for printing and its printing staff is well equipped with the necessary knowledge to use that equipment to its best. If you prefer graphics that do not involve a lot of detail, go for digital printing. For detailed HD graphics, offset printing is recommended. However, if you want another printing option, you can go for it. In that case, you take responsibility for your perfume packaging boxes.

Besides, the perfume boxes specifically can benefit from the additional printing options more than any other type of boxes. Get your logo debossed for an engraved appearance or get it embossed With raised ink. Spot UV and foiling in gold or silver are other popular options. Use these options provided by the custom box manufacturers to give a touch of uniqueness to your boxes and to make them readily recognizable. 

Give a Touch of Luxury to your Perfume Boxes with Exquisite Furnishing

Custom printed perfume boxes without a premium finish are a total waste of effort and money. The extra coating gives your boxes a premium look and that’s what the perfume boxes are all about. Let your boxes shine out the rest with a gloss finish, or let them reflect a character of sobriety and maturity through a matt finish. Other common finishing choices include rose gold finish, semi-gloss finish, aqueous finish, and many more. These final coating options will not only add to the beauty of your boxes but also add to their sturdiness. They protect the printed graphics underneath against wear.