Advantages of Ocean Freight Shipping Services Over Other Means of Transport

ocean freight

Ocean freight, also known as ocean freight, is obviously the transport of products worldwide by ocean. Approximately 90% of all goods are transported across the ocean by ocean. However, this does not mean that it is the only choice or even the best one for that fact. There are several reasons why you should prefer ocean freight compared to other forms of shipping, which we shall go over below.

Cost efficiency

The cost-efficiency of ocean freight simply means that you have fewer restrictions when compared with air freight. This means that there is a lower cost involved. This would translate to more savings in your budget if you are trying to plan out your monthly budget. You will definitely have more funds left over after paying for the cost of the cargo and the insurance, if any, on the cargo. In contrast, when you opt for air freight or road haulage, you will have several restrictions put in place, which makes it very difficult to plan out your monthly budget because there are a lot of costs involved.

Same day delivery

Most goods that are shipped through ocean freight rates have very quick turnaround times, which means that you get your goods to their ultimate destination in less time than with other shipping types. For instance, if you are shipping products from New Zealand, you will not need to be waiting for two months just to receive your shipment. On the other hand, if you are trying to ship physical goods such as cars, you will have to wait for three to four weeks just to get your shipment.

ocean freight

If you are trying to ship physical goods, you can save a lot of money by opting for ocean freight as your transportation form. Ocean transport does not only provide same-day transportation but also door-to-door services. This means that you can expect your shipment to arrive at its destination in less time as compared to air freight transportation.

Door-to-door transportation

Once your shipment reaches its destination, it will be delivered to your doorstep without any hassles. This makes it easy for you to receive your goods and you can immediately use them. This is one advantage that makes ocean freight rank above other forms of transportation. However, it also requires a lot of extra effort to make sure that the shipment reaches its destination on time.

Faster delivery

All major commercial airports have air freight services that offer same-day and next-day shipping options. If you opt for these services, all you need to do is pack your goods and arrange for their transportation to the desired destination. You do not need to deal with the customs clearance as well. Thus, it proves that ocean freight services are faster than any other means of transportation. Like air express freight or road freight.

ocean freight

A single container carries a load equivalent to approximately one ton. Larger cargo requires larger containers to accommodate bigger loads. On the other hand, when you are transporting goods in larger containers. You will be required to complete the documentation for the transportation. And then pay a huge amount of money as freight fees. However, ocean freight is very affordable and you can easily manage to transport small loads in smaller containers.


Ocean cargo can reach its destination in no time. In fact, some shipments can even be shipped within one day. Unlike air cargo or road freight that takes at least seven days to reach its destination. Ocean freight can get the shipment to its destination in just a matter of hours. Thus, you save a lot of time and money as you can expect your packages to arrive safely and on time. Contract Consulting is a better way to improve shipments Delivery and cost.