Reasons why you might need a Lock Change


Many homeowners consider changing or replacing locks unnecessary, but when it comes to the security of your property and your family members, changing locks is quite important. You have spent the majority of your life building assets and taking care of your family, so you cannot put their security at stake. Thanks to advancements in technology, you can now install high-end security systems in your house and make it secure. Gone are those days when big, conventional metal locks were used in the doors and various exits of your home.

Lock changes are one of the most important steps to keep yourself and your family safe, and it can involve installing advanced security systems like security cams and alarms.

Below are a few vital reasons to opt for a lock change:

  1. Loss of keys

If you have recently lost your keys, chances are that your residence’s or office’s security is at risk. It is extremely frustrating when you do not have spare keys and your keys are lost or stolen. Your keys might have been taken or stolen by someone who knows you, so it is always better to call a locksmith and get your locks changed so that you can get a new set of keys.

  1. After a burglary attempt

If you have recently experienced a break-in at your residence or a burglary attempt, chances are that the burglars can now easily access your security system and get in any time. They know every nook and corner of your house and how to enter. So it would be a great idea to change the locks and upgrade your security system.

  1. If the keys were given to some untrustworthy person

If the keys were given to someone whom you do not trust, make sure to change the locks immediately. There are chances that the person might have made a duplicate key and can have bad intentions.

  1. The lock has become old

Conventional locks are easy to open or break, while advanced security systems are quite complicated. It needs a lot of patience and strategy to get into a residence or office with advanced security systems. So if your locks are old and easily breakable, it is now time to upgrade your security system and install modern locks.

  1. Moving to a new residence

If you have bought a ready to move into property, it is important to study your neighborhood and change the locks. Even if your property is first-hand, the property managers or care-takers most likely had access to the key several times and may have had it duplicated. Changing the lock ensures better security of your residence and family.

  1. You didn’t change the locks for a long time

If you haven’t changed the locks for a long time, upgrading the lock can be a good idea. You might have been using the lock for a long time and it can break anytime. The locks might have become rusty and you might be facing difficulties locking and unlocking. Lock change is required when your security is at stake and you want peace of mind.

A lock made of heavy metal can definitely keep your home safe, but an upgraded and integrated security system can make your residential or office area more secure. Gone are the days when people used big metal locks that required hours of exercise for opening and closing them. Now you can even install keyless high-security locks that can be locked and unlocked using a unique passcode. You can re-generate pass-codes and can change them whenever you feel there’s a security threat. The new technology introduced the world to advanced security systems and has freed us from the danger of security breaches.