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Your logo is the face of your company, allowing your customers to recognize who you are and what you stand for. If you’re looking for a logo designer in Melbourne, BrandVillage can help you create a logo to help your business stand out. BrandVillage’s expert design staff knows the most recent logo design trends and best practices. They work with you to understand your unique brand values and goals and then create a visually appealing and strategically sound logo.

Significance Of A Logo

While the primary function of a logo is to aid in identification, it serves several other purposes. Let us examine the value of a logo in further detail.

Logo Designer

  • Your logo is frequently the first and most noticeable item your audience notices. A logo is an excellent technique to capture your client’s attention and pique their interest.
  • In a world of infinite content and adverts, an unforgettable logo should be distinct enough to stick out in your customers’ thoughts.
  • Your logo can serve as a foundation for developing your brand identity.
  • Your logo is essential to your branding strategy because it communicates your brand message across marketing platforms.
  • As your brand expands, so does your logo, becoming more familiar to your audience and the rest of the globe. A strong logo can help your clients form strong associations with your brand, fostering trust and loyalty.
  • Without using words, a logo is an excellent approach to notify your clients about your firm. In seconds, one simple sign may convey your industry, the type of service you provide, your brand values, and the general feel of your firm.

Design Process Of BrandVillage

Logo Designer

Research The Industry

Before BrandVillage logo designers Melbourne ever consider putting pen to paper, they must conduct research. Researching the field or industry allows logo designers to obtain a sense of the milieu in which the logo will exist. You must be aware of current trends and what is proper. They observe what is available and which conventions should be preserved. They then consider distinguishing the new logo from the hundreds of others already in use.

The situation will determine the new logo’s uniqueness. The logo should not be drastically altered in some circumstances because you do not want to turn off customers. Customers in the healthcare sector, for example, expect a certain amount of comfort and familiarity, but in the concert industry, you may want to go with something more inventive and wacky. It varies significantly between fields.

Get To Know The Client

Once the logo designer at BrandVillage has a firm, objective understanding of the subject or industry, it’s time to learn everything there is to know about the client and their target audience. This stage is divided into two sections. The first is the knowledge that logo designers aim to gain from them: what they do, how they perceive themselves, and who they sell to. The translation procedure comes next.

When this portion of the process is done well, there is a lot of back and forth, questions, and pushing the client to identify and thoroughly describe their value proposition. These dialogues can be quite eye-opening for newer businesses. “Many businesses, particularly smaller businesses, are unaware of how they differ. These logo design talks can even help them consider how they vary from their competition.

Sketch, Design, And Present Initial Concepts

Logo Designer

BrandVillage logo designers sketch out various logo concepts to see how they look outside of their heads. Drawing a wide range of concepts allows them to see what works and what doesn’t. They begin to discover specific threads or motifs they enjoy and mix and match various parts until they find the right one.

After developing many logo drawings and a better understanding of what they wanted the final logo to look like, they selected three of the best sketches and reproduced them in the design programme. It is the stage at which your final logo begins to take shape. BrandVillage typically gives the client with two to three options.


This stage is sometimes just a little adjustment. Sometimes, it’s a long succession of revisions. BrandVillage attempts to see things from the client’s perspective and notes any feedback provided. Following the initial feedback, they contact the customer, make any necessary modifications, and deliver one or two further samples (in other colours or font variations). They continue to submit updates and edits until the client is completely satisfied.

Make A Plan For The End Deliverable

Once the logo is completed, BrandVillage will work with its client to determine which file formats and subsequent logo revisions are required.


One of the most significant aspects of your brand’s identification is its logo. It’s the first thing people notice and will remember when they think of your company. Investing in a well-designed, visually appealing, strategically innovative logo is critical. BrandVillage is the company to work with if you need a logo designer to help you build a logo to help your business shine.