12 effective ideas to maximize the foot traffic in your store?


No matter what your products or services are, you must have a store or a place where you can sell those products or services. Every business owner wants to increase its foot traffic and its sales. Well, foot traffic matters a lot in the success of a business. The more the foot traffic of a store, the more the sales are. These days, every brand wants to beat its competitor brand and want to make a mark in the business industry. Brands work hard to make their mark in the market. It takes them years to create the brand awareness and gain loyal customers. They use marketing plans to gain customers. No doubt, that the quality of the products matter but there are some other things that play a major role in increasing the foot traffic. Some brands invest dollars to increase their foot traffic but fail to gain loyal customers while some do not invest that much and whenever you visit their store, it is full of customers. Well, you can also achieve the desired foot traffic for your store. Here are 12 effective ideas that you can use to maximize the foot traffic in your store:

Compelling and engaging design of the store

The design of the store matters a lot in attracting customers. The store is the first thing that the customers notice before even making a purchase. The outer appearance and look of the store attract the customers to enter the store. Make sure that your store should be wide, open and visually appealing. Its design should compel the customers to enter the store. The design of your store should be unique and attractive for the customers.

Provide exceptional customer service

Another factor that affects the foot traffic of a store is its customer service. Customers do not like staying in a shop that has rude sales assistants. Sales assistants are supposed to behave well with the customers and assist them with the shopping. Make sure to hire competent and dedicated sales assistants who can provide exceptional customer service. Customers want to get a smooth shopping experience, make sure your employees are knowledgeable about the products and are passionate to interact with the customers. Provide exceptional customer service to your customers to increase the foot traffic of your store.

Bring technology into your store

You need to do something new and unique in order to increase the foot traffic of your store. Bring technology into your store so that the customers are persuaded to enter your store and check your products. If you are working in the fashion industry, you must have the idea that the competition is really tough among all the brands. You should show your professional brand identity from your store. You can introduce a touch-screen display where customers can shop your products whether they are clothes, cosmetics, jewelry etc.

Advertise your products in the magazines

Do not forget to advertise your products in the magazines. Brand conscious people read magazines and they follow the style statements explained in the magazines. A lot of people would read about your brand in the magazine and you will notice that the foot traffic has increased rapidly in your outlets.

Increase the visual appeal of your store

Another good idea to increase the foot traffic in your store is by increasing the visual appeal of your store. The visual appeal of the store has a strong impact on the customers’ intentions to visit a store.  Make sure to style your store well so that customers visit your store by getting attracted by the visual appeal of your store. Create such an engaging environment so that the customers spend more time in your store and do not leave the store without buying any product. You can add art and plants to increase the visual appeal of your store.

Use mannequins

Mannequins are really important to use if you are running a clothing line. Nothing can show the clothes better than a mannequin. A mannequin enhances the look of the clothes. Mannequins show the customers how the clothes would look when they will wear them. A research study showed that mannequins give the customers a more positive perception of color display, design and appearance.

Right location for the store

Location matters a lot in the foot traffic of a store. A store should be located in a busy place like a mall or a busy street which is visited by a lot of people. More people can get to know about your brand when you will be located in a mall or in a famous place. More people are likely to visit your store if you are located in a mall. Make sure to carefully choose the location of your store. If you build your store in an unpopular place, it is obvious that the foot traffic of your store will be decreased.

Keep updating the design and the architecture of the store

No matter how much you have invested in your store a year ago, if the design and the architecture of your store have outdated, you should consider renovating your store. People do not like visiting the stores that have outdated; they prefer modern and unique architecture that looks good to the eyes. The design and the architecture have a strong impact on your products; they can enhance the look and presentation of your products. Always keep updating the design and the architecture of your store so that your store always looks fresh and up-to-date.

Window display should be eye-catchy

Window displays are the most noticeable things about a store. Some people judge the brands through their window displays. They see the window displays and decide whether the store is worth visiting or not. Your window display should be eye-catchy enough to attract the customers to visit your store. Place the best articles of your brand on the window display so that more people notice and visit your brand. Make your window displays eye-catchy and see the difference. These are the little things that you can do to increase the foot traffic of your store.

Use vibrant racks and shelves

Do not forget the racks and shelves in your store. You might use mannequins and hangers to display your products but your store must have shelves and racks. A store is incomplete without shelves and racks. Do not make the shelves and rocks boring. Use some vibrant colors to add life to your store. Vibrant colors catch the attention of the customers.

Introduce offers and discounts

This is a great idea that works like crazy. You can introduce offers and discounts to increase the foot traffic in your store. Use a billboard or a banner that shows that you are offering amazing discounts and sales on your products. People would die to get into your store and avail the exciting offers.

wholesale display packaging

Use display boxes to showcase your products

Customers look for products; they want to check the quality of the products. They want to touch and feel the products before buying them. You can use display boxes to showcase all of your products. You can buy wholesale display packaging so that you can arrange and showcase your products at a very reasonable price. Customers would love to test your products and hence your foot traffic would drastically increase.

By using all the above-mentioned tips, you can yield benefits that are beyond your expectations. Do not let your customers feel that you want to sell the products, engage them with your store in such a way that they do not leave the store without making a purchase.