4 Ways to Lower Your Home’s Cooling Costs

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In the average American home, 46 percent of the household’s energy consumption is attributed to heating and air conditioning. According to Direct Energy, your HVAC would use around 28-63 kWh in a 24-hour period, resulting in about 850-1,950 kWh in a month, depending on the efficiency of your unit. While you can’t ignore the importance of cooling your home, especially during hot weather, you can take effective measures to help lower the monthly energy bill you have to pay.

Here are 4 easy ways to lower air conditioning costs at home:

Replace your air filters.

Replacing the air filters regularly will not only benefit your air conditioning unit. It can also save you from dealing with high energy costs. Air filters trap harmful contaminants in the indoor air, including dust, dirt, and pollen. Over time, the filters accumulate a large amount of these contaminants, preventing the AC unit from properly blowing clean and fresh air. This causes your air conditioner to work harder and consume more energy. Ideally, air filters should be replaced every two months.

Turn off your AC unit.

If possible, keep your AC unit from running 24 hours straight in a day. Turn it off once in a while, especially when you are leaving home or during cold weather. If you don’t like the long wait before your AC unit completely cools your interior, consider installing a programmable thermostat. Modern thermostats can now be connected to your smartphones, so you can turn on your AC unit even when you’re still on your way home.

Improve your home’s insulation.

During the hot summer months, air conditioners operate at its full capacity to maintain comfort inside your home. However, when a significant amount of energy is allowed to escape through exterior walls, your AC unit will be forced to work even harder. On the other hand, adding effective insulation in your home will require less energy to cool your indoor spaces. Help conserve energy by insulating your attics, crawlspaces, etc.

Schedule a regular AC maintenance service.

To increase the efficiency of your home’s air conditioning system, hire a licensed AC contractor to service your unit regularly. Essential AC maintenance tasks include keeping the outdoor coils clean, checking voltage connections, and ensuring the refrigerant is at proper levels.

Hire a pro to install a high-efficiency AC unit in your home

If despite your energy-saving efforts, your home’s cooling cost doesn’t go any lower, it’s high time you get a new AC installation. Replace your outdated AC unit with a high-efficiency model and get amazing results. The many benefits of installing a high-efficiency air conditioner include lower energy bills, better performance, and longer operating life. You can get free consultations and estimates when you talk to a reputable HVAC company today