Why You Should Switch to LED Lighting in Warehouses?


The concept of LED lighting is still in the nascent stage as far as its usage is concerned among warehouses. Besides the sustainability aspect, there are several benefits of LED warehouse lighting for every business. So, if you are a facility manager overlooking warehouse costs and maintenance, you should definitely continue reading this article.

Longevity of LED

Warehouses are huge spaces with deep, long aisles crowded with boxes and materials that can be dark in the absence of proper lighting. Replacement of lights on such a large scale can be a pricey affair. Upgrading to an LED warehouse lighting system reduces energy consumption while cutting down the cost of replacement of lights. They last over 50,000-100,000 hours.

Zero Warm-Up Time

While some large facilities require lights all day, other warehouses will switch lights on and off as per usage. LEDs provide an advantage in this regard. Unlike metal halides that have slow warm-up times, LEDs can be switched immediately to full brightness. Additionally, frequent on/off switching does not degrade LEDs or shorten their lifespan.

In addition to this, LEDs offer a special feature of adaptive lighting. With some easy-to-install hardware, you can control the brightness and intensity of light that provides immense cost-saving in the long run. Facilities utilizing the overall concept of smart lighting that comes with LED incorporate sensors, motion detectors, or timed devices.

Improved Productivity

Better lit facilities have a positive impact on workplace performance. Studies depict that switching to LEDs can boost workplace performance at least by 8 percent. Furthermore, they provide better visibility thus improving performance.

Safer Work Environment

Warehouses act as a storehouse for goods and stock heavy boxes. Without proper lighting, workers are more prone to falls and injuries. High bay LED warehouse lighting isn’t just easier on the eyes but also has a reduced tendency to flicker. This makes LEDs more reliable than other lighting alternatives for a safer facility. This way you can reduce medical insurance benefit costs and keep production running with a fully staffed floor.

Save Cost

This is perhaps the most important aspect for facility managers. With cost-saving by more than 75 percent, switching to LED lights can mean a huge benefit for massive warehouses. While some may argue with its higher initial installation cost, the energy-efficiency, later on, pays for itself (often less than two years).

LED warehouse lighting is a great option to reduce your energy costs while improving workplace performance and overall employee well-being. At Affordable Lighting, we focus on building quality lighting systems that are as unique as your business delivering the best return on your investment. Contact our professionals today at (205) 951-9570 for lighting-related queries for your business.