How to Generate Leads and Drive Revenue at Your Next Big Activation

Lead Generation
Image Source: Unsplash

A lot of research goes into planning a brand activation. You need to know your target market inside and out. What segment of the market do they inhabit? What are their needs, preferences, pain points, and common characteristics? and what metrics will you use to measure the success of your campaign? Are you targeting lead generation, direct sales, or brand awareness?

Where are you most likely to make meaningful connections with your targets? Along with all of the other preparations you have to make before launching a brand activation, don’t forget to plan for success. Integrating these steps into your research and planning phase will help make sure you get the ROI you need to count your next campaign as a win.

Find the Right Location

Where can you find your consumers? Once you’ve completed your market research, choosing the right location is critical. Where can you host an activation that will get attention from your target audience? It might be a certain park, street, transit hub, or a major event.

Don’t let outdoor locations hold you back. Today, interactive kiosks and outdoor digital signage bring all of the innovative technology you need for an activation out in the elements. With battery- and solar-powered options, you’re not limited by how far your power cord can reach.

Sponsor the Right Event

Event sponsorship is a fast track to connecting with your target demographic. Find events that attract the market segment you’re looking for. They can be major events like live sports, conferences, or music festivals, or you can target street festivals or other smaller events in the neighbourhoods you want to be seen in.

Most event organizers know exactly who they market to. They usually have a strong grasp of their demographic segmentation and may be able to provide information such as behavioral segmentation, psychographic segmentation, and other key market research that can help you pinpoint the audiences that best fit your brand and the goals for your activation.

The right event might even be more of a geographic decision than a demographic one. Entering a new marketplace can be a challenge, but sponsorship activations can help you test out the waters and begin to gauge interest.

Make Your Activation Interactive

Once you’ve identified the perfect place or event for your activation, it’s time to plan what you’re going to do. Getting interactive is one of the best ways to make sure your activation gets noticed. An interactive kiosk can support a wide range of activities, such as gamification experiences, Augmented Reality, and social media walls.

Brand activations are meant to extend your reach, connect with new audiences, and strengthen brand loyalty. If you want to achieve these goals, you need to plan an activation that encourages consumer engagement in a way that’s fun, innovative, and new. Custom gamification experiences can turn your activation into the kind of memorable experience that draws in audiences.

Remember, sponsorship activations at big events like concerts or live sports can put you in touch with large amounts of people, but it can be tough to get their attention. You’re not the main event, so you need a strategy that will get your activation noticed. One of the best ways to do that is to create a unique experience.

Capture Leads by QR Code

When you have an ace up in your sleeve for promoting consumer engagement, you want to make sure you cash in on it. Lead generation is an extremely valuable return on brand activations. They’re the fuel that keeps your sales team running, and in the long run, they can convert to valuable sales.

Lead generation can improve the ROI of your activation by leaps and bounds. While impressions are valuable on their own, leads can be much more valuable, and this should be reflected in the metrics you use to evaluate an activation’s ROI.

One great way to capture leads is to require a quick QR code sign-up for interactive experiences. All users have to do is scan their mobile device, and they’re in.

Drive Sales with Interactive Kiosks

Leads and impressions aren’t the only resources you can capture with a brand activation. For the right kind of brand, they can even lead to direct sales. Interactive kiosks can transform your activation into a mini-pop-up shop, enhanced by features like augmented reality mirrors and AI filters.

These technologies can reduce the stock that you need to put on display or even bring to pop-up events. Interactive kiosks can be used for consumers to order digitally and have the product brought to them in person, or they can be used to blend online and physical shopping, with the consumer getting their purchase delivered a few days later. Activations are incredible tools. Make sure you’re getting the most out of your next campaign by integrating these five steps.