Easy disposal of your Kitchen waste by making Fertilizer for your Plants

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Landfills are so overfilled with the garbage that they find it difficult to dispose of such a massive waste of billions of population in the world. The enormous piles of waste in cities can cause infectious diseases like malaria, yellow fever and fatal diseases. Improper disposal of waste is a threat to human health and the environment. Global warming results from an excess of two leading gases in the atmosphere, which are carbon dioxide and methane. Landfills emit these two gases and this is the reason for global warming. 

Nowadays, people are so busy that they do not care about things and they throw off many things instead of getting them repaired, so first, they should reduce the amount of trash they produce. They should also reuse their old stuff as some items cannot be recycled. These are the two ways by which they can eliminate some amount of trash. There are also many ways to recycle garbage. 

Waste is of two kinds biodegradable and non-biodegradable. Biodegradable waste is a kind of waste that can be broken down quickly by natural processes like kitchen waste. Non- biodegradable waste cannot be decomposed easily by biological processes. As recycling of non-biodegradable waste is not so easy, one can recycle the former. The best way to discard biodegradable waste is to make compost out of it, natural fertilizer. They have already started making compost at a significant scale in Saint Francisco, which they send to farms of different crops and vegetables.

These companies have not yet been introduced in other countries; therefore, people in these areas can make compost to be used in plants even at their homes. By doing this, they can help in saving the environment. If you have an outdoor garden, then it is well or if you are living in a flat, you can use this compost even for your indoor plants. If you have a kitchen garden, then you should buy plants online and use your kitchen waste. 

The following are the steps of making compost of superior quality and you must follow them  

Container for making compost

You can take the pot of terracotta or plastic for making the natural fertilizer. Metal pots cannot be used for this purpose as these can be damaged due to rusting or other reasons. It would help if you got a deep container of big size having holes for air to be passed from the compost mixture. These holes should be at the sides of the compost bin. Five or six holes are enough for proper ventilation. There must also be holes at the downside of the pot for excess liquid or water to come out of it. It would be best if you placed something under this pot to collect the liquid so that your floor does not get messy because of the fluid that will come out of the compost mixture. You can even use this water because this water is beneficial for your plants.   

Kind of material to be put in the container

The two types of waste can be placed in the compost mixture: kitchen waste and waste of your plants or garden waste. Kitchen waste includes peels of vegetables, stable food whether cooked or uncooked, etc. You can also put eggshells, but you should not put non-vegetarian food as this takes a long time to decompose. Garden waste includes pale and dry leaves of plants. You can also put rotten stems and leaves. Then, curd should be placed in the mixture as it helps the mixture to decompose quickly. You should not tissue paper or any paper as these also take a long time to spoil. Lemons, vinegar and chilies can slow down the process. Kitchen waste is a form of nitrogen and garden waste is carbon. The compost mixture should have more carbon and less nitrogen. It is also necessary to reduce the amount of bad odor that comes out of this mixture, mainly due to nitrogen or kitchen waste.  

The time duration of decomposition 

Compost can take weeks or months to get ready as it depends upon the quantity of mixture you put in. If you want to fasten the process, you should regularly turn it over for oxygen to pass from the combination. You can also put some water to keep it moist if it is dry. It takes less time if the mixture is broken into small pieces. You can use any tool and break or cut the waste into pieces. When it gets ready, you can put them in your plants.

It would be best if you grew some plants in your house to recycle your kitchen waste. You can do online shopping for indoor plants if you do not have any kitchen garden.