How to Keep Your Cat Cool During the Hot Days?

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We all know how hot the climate can get in India, but do you know your cat can feel even worse than you. An air conditioner is the only way to combat the heat and keeping your feline cool even in the extremely hot days.

Well, even when in the urban areas, people are blessed with installing the air conditioners. This not only ensures a cool home but also keeps your cat cool, but what about people living in deserted and rural areas? This is the reason why for a responsible owner, it is extremely important to know the different ways to keep their cats cool. Depending on AC is not a way out, but knowing the other ways will surely benefit you. If you are looking to buy a Persian cat, check with Mummy Cat today.

Before finding the different ways, let us first go through the circumstances that you can face if your kitten gets heated due to bad weather:


This is one of the most common scenarios observed when cats get heated. Some of the most common symptoms are excessive lethargy, panting, vomiting, fever, drooling and unconsciousness. Call the veterinarian immediately if you find such symptoms in your cat.


Hyperthermia means your cat is suffering from a high temperature, and it generally takes place when the cat is not able to regulate their own body temperature. This happens when they remain exposed to a higher temperature.

Other than this you will find then deactivate compared to the ways they spend their time. Make sure to call the doctor in case of any adverse condition.

So let us have a look at the best ways to keep the cats cool. 

No doubt cats prefer sunshine. They mostly love to sleep and curl up in the sunny spots both inside and out. But, in India, there will be times when sunlight is at its peak, and they will no more enjoy it.

Here are some of the ways to keep the cat cool:


You need to make sure that there will be an abundance of freshwater. Make sure to replace this water many times in a day. The more you change, the more your cat will get encouraged to drink more water. Other than this you can make use of multiple bowls in the house like in the garden or on a patio so that wherever your cat goes, they will get access to water. A water fountain can also become a great solution.


Everyone knows that cat enjoy the sunny spot to take a nap and after that get heated up, they tend to move away. Since you are in India, the sun will mostly be at its full rage and there make sure that your house as many shady spots. This will keep them cool. You will find kittens will sleep in your bathroom as they find it very cool. Porcelain and ceramic tiles are often cooler and can become a great spot for your cat.

Air Circulation: 

Make sure your home has a proper ventilation system that will allow passing a cool breeze. In order to help breeze flow across your house, find a fan and then keep it near an open window. You will find your kitten will enjoy moving air. In case you do not have an AC, start putting a water bottle with frozen ice in front of your fan. This will blow cool air.


There is always a need for brushing your car. Since cats with long hairs like Persian cats are prone to get tangle, untangling them will keep them cool. You can consider visiting a professional to get professionally clipped.

Always remember that white or light-coloured cats have very pale skin and therefore can get sunburn. This is where you require taking to the veterinarian or maybe the groomer regarding the best cut for your pale kitty.


In case you are someone who spends the entire day outside, it is always better to keep cubes of cubes on their water bowl. This will be great as they can continuously get cold water to drink ad keep their body hydrated.

Other than this, you can also opt for filling a small bottle with water and keep it overnight for freezing. Prior to leaving for your office, you can rap with a towel and keep it on the favourite place of your cat.

Don’t fill the bottle with water to its top, as water tends to expand when it gets frozen.

Don’t take them out:

If your cat loves to stay outside, it is mostly advised to keep them indoors during the hot days. This will keep them cool. Consider bringing them inside your home and keep them cool.

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Create a cool place to retreat: 

Unlike other animals, cats are one of the clever species that search for a comfortable place like sink and bath, as they want to stay cool when it’s hot outside. You can make a darkened and cool place indoor that will work as a retreat to them. This will make them feel safe, and they can sleep peacefully.

Place a cardboard box in the corner of the room and position it properly in a cool place so that they can lay there when it’s warm.

Keep them calm: 

Cats that run all day long can become dehydrated and exhausted. Therefore as a responsible owner, it is your responsibility to keep them relaxed. Even when this might not sound realistic, but try not to participate in the games, they are willing to play. Try to ignore, as this will result in making them sit calm at a position. Buy a Persian cat, and you don’t have to think about this as they are naturally calm and peaceful.

Bottom Line: These are some of the most common ways of keeping your car cool even in the hot days. Make sure to do this in order to fight with the growing temperature of India.

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