What Is JustEat Clone? Why Should You Use It For Your Business?

JustEat Clone

Nowadays cooking food is a significant concern for the people. With their hectic lifestyle, people can’t spare the time for cooking or visiting the restaurant they like. Technology is the best solution for all these problems occurring in people’s lives. The key for the regular folks is made now by the use of technologies available in smartphones. You can satisfy your need with just a click on your smartphone.

Instead of finding restaurants by roaming in the town, now people can enjoy their desired food and leisure at their own place. The only solution to this is through online food delivery apps, which help people a lot who lust for food and cannot take a visit to the eateries because of their hectic lifestyle.

So as a result this solution is helpful in many people’s lifestyles. You can see the immense growth in the market of food delivery apps. On another side, there are many benefits for the restaurant’s owners too by initializing a food delivery business.

A specific type of benefits the restaurateur enjoys is by improving the efficiency of their restaurants by reducing the time wastage which was experienced before this trend was started, minimizing the human errors as the order details are visible on their side too, so the cooking staff workers don’t need to remember every order which a customer needs, and also offers better services of delivery to the customers.

Nowadays, many apps are providing food delivery services to their users. There are certain apps that offer these services Deliveroo, GrubHub, Postmates, Hungryhouse, etc. In this post, you’ll get information related to a similar company, a considerable competitor amongst the food delivery providing service companies. A company that satisfies the appetite along with the leisure of people is none other than Just Eat.

What Is JustEat All About? 

Just Eat is a company based in the UK for ordering and delivering food which was founded in Kolding, Denmark. The company aims to offer help to its customers about the takeaway restaurants available to order food on their app, and enable its customer for making payments online via various payment gateways accessible and their customers may also apply pickup or available delivery options which are made available on their app after an order is generated.

A company likewise provides a hybrid model for eateries in which they can give the delivery through associating their personal delivery vehicles and staff for making delivery of the food which is ordered.

Now the eateries who can’t afford to set up their personal services for deliveries are eligible to take a benefit of the hybrid model offered by Just Eat, where eateries are provided the staff for delivery with the vehicles and can establish their business.

Recently the name of the company was edited into JustEat Takeaway due to the merging between the companies in 2020, which are Just Eat and Takeaway.com, respectively.

UK Food Ordering Market Analysis:

Just Eat would be eligible for taking part in one known example of excellent food ordering markets. It was founded on the land of Denmark, but even though it progressed when it was started again in England in 2005. Later after relaunching the business in the UK, they were making an income of £7000 pound sterling per month within a span of 6 months.

In comparison to other food ordering startups, Just Eat entirely concentrated on its technology. A technology named Just-Connect Box provided the facility to other startups to connect with Just Eat.  

Within a short span of three years, Just Eat had also launched its branch in the Netherlands and Ireland. The business idea of Just Eat had gone very much outstanding. Even though it was late in the competition, it very rapidly reached the peak of the food ordering sector in the UK. Just Eat progressed substantially when their competitors were not able to seek deliveries in the many cities of the UK, while Just Eat didn’t need to maintain its orders on their own.

Just Eat has also captured the food ordering services in Australia, popularly known as the Menulog, in the year 2015, by making a deal of £445 million pound sterlings, skyrocketing its location in Australia and New Zealand. After Just Eat and Takeaway.com, also combined with Grubhub, which generated a joint revenue of $7.8 billion dollars, it also became the most prominent food ordering company in the west. 

  Now let’s switch it over towards the thought that there is an app available in the online food ordering sector, which is Just Eat Clone, how it would prove itself outstanding for new and small startups.

List Of Just Eat Clone App Development Companies:

Elluminati Inc:

It is a Just Eat Clone app serving company that is very well known for delivering the solutions rapidly for the business to start instantly.


The company has been offering a solution of Just Eat Clone for many years, which proves that you can trust the company for your business.


Their vision is to provide top-notch solutions to their clients by giving the Just Eat Clone solution through which the restaurateurs can launch their businesses online. 

Why Is Just Eat Clone Considered Best For Startups?

Along with various online food ordering startups being there in the market, which serves a link in between the outlets and customers but till now, no food ordering businesses attracted the people like Just Eat does. So, it led towards the creation of the Just Eat Clone application.

There are specific approaches that made a Just Eat Clone application a success story that is responsible for the development of a successful website for online food ordering.

Now the features which make it one of the best online food ordering applications for startups are listed below:

  • Increases the profit.
  • Decreases waiting time for its customers.
  • Convenience order management.
  • Improving the online web presence.
  • Attract new customers

Wrapping Up:

So an individual can notice from the above post that the development of on-demand online food ordering applications is beneficial for the local online food ordering startups or restaurants. As a result development of the Just Eat Clone application plays a massive and vital role in affecting the overall economy of any country.