6 Ways to Improve your Refrigerator Energy Efficiency


A refrigerator is a must-have appliance in any household. Everyone needs a quality fridge to keep the food items cold. Besides, a refrigerator can also help you increase the shelf life of the food items. There will not be an exaggeration if we say that refrigerator is one of the most intensely working equipment in the household. Your refrigerator has a big job to handle, from keeping the leftovers of the food items to storing the gallons of milk. Even in the food business, we cannot survive without a refrigerator. It is a must-have that your refrigerator will work in the top position to keep all the food items safe in its storage. A minor mistake can make all the food items spoil. 

Your refrigerator also consumes a lot of electricity units being a hard-working appliance. The energy units will vary according to the fridge capacity and specifications. But on average, your refrigerator will consume at least 230 wattages per hour. The high level of energy consumption is a worry in the business field. The display and bottle cooler fridge you see at supermarkets consume higher units of electricity and is the reason for high electricity bills. Therefore, making the fridge energy efficient is the priority of many of us. You have to work out ways to make your fridge run on optimal mode while consuming fewer units of electricity.

How to Make your Refrigerator Energy-Efficient 

Your refrigerator is an appliance you do not purchase or replace each year. Your fridge will run in premium condition if you keep maintaining it regularly. Unfortunately, many homeowners do not know the steps to make their fridge energy-efficient so that your appliance will last longer. If your fridge is not running in top condition, it is better to follow the below tips before making the purchase. Making some little changes in your refrigerator will not only enhance its performance. But can also make it consume less energy. In this blog, we are enlisting the simple and inexpensive ways you can improve the efficiency of your fridge. Keep reading to know the tips and tricks.

1) Change the Place of the Refrigerator: 

The area where you place your fridge also impacts how hard it will have to work to keep things chilled. The best way to keep your fridge is in a cool place. You have to ensure that there are no heated appliances near your refrigerator. In addition to the heated equipment, keep the refrigerator far away from the heat sources, for example, ovens, radiators, and stoves. Other than that, keeping the fridge in front of the sunlight will also increase the workload of the refrigerator. Keeping the appliance in the sunlight will result in excessive power consumption.  

2) Keep all the Items Organized:

Another factor that can influence the energy level of your refrigerator is how you store all the things in the appliance. Many people will argue that food positioning is to keep a clean look of your fridge. But it will help to make your fridge energy-efficient. The notable advantage of having an organized fridge is that you do not need to rummage to find a small packet. The door will open for less time when you have everything in its ideal place. You have to ensure to keep less quantity of food items so that the cold air can circulate in the entire refrigerator. 

3) Encourage Suitable Airflow:

Your refrigerator will need sufficient room for airflow. Many people can commit the mistake of keeping their refrigerator beside the wall. You have to leave a minimum of a one-inch gap between the walls and the fridge. These days the latest fridges are designed in such a way that has a sleek look. You can fit the fridge in a tiny place if you do not have enough space. The less space can block out the condenser coils. So, it will not let the air flow appropriately. Know that the proper airflow will result in less use of electricity.

4) Turn on power saver mode:

You can also save yourself from the high electricity bill by turning on the power-saving mode. Know that the old fridges will not have this energy-saving mode. 

5) Clean the condenser coil:

You can clean your condense coil if your fridge is not working. The condenser coil can become clogged with dirt and dust. This way, your compressor will work hard to keep the items cold. As a result, your fridge will consume larger units of energy.

6) Repair the door seals:

The rubber seal on the fridge door will help keep the chilled air within the fridge. You should check if the seal is intact and sealed tightly to the doors. Replace the door seals if you notice any cracks in them.