How To Find Freelance Work? All Recommended Sites For Digital Marketers

freelance work
freelance work

Would you like to work as a digital freelancer but you don’t know where to start? Don’t worry, I reveal the 10 best sites to work as a freelancer.

We live in a flourishing era for business, in fact, thanks to digitalization it is possible to start a start-up, get in touch with people interested in our products and/or services even if they live on the other side of the world, or launch your online course.

Actions that are now part of our daily life, but which until a few years ago thought of them were so far away.

We were used to a permanent job, to work near home or in the same area: no one would ever have thought about how important a mobile phone or a PC would have been, no one would have ever thought of doing business online or working digitally.

Today all this is normal and we know that digital is necessary for any company, whether online or offline.

The digital offers numerous career opportunities that continue to grow, not only new professions, such as the social media manager but also an evolution of the traditional professions, such as the ‘ lawyer, specializing in the field digital.

But what is meant by freelance/freelancer?

This term indicates a freelancer who offers his services to organizations, individuals, and companies.

In a study conducted by ADP on a sample of about 10 million workers in Europe, 68% report working or planning to work as a freelancer in digital.

The trend is also confirmed in Italy where it is expected to grow in the coming years are well 3.5 million professionals that the Bel Paese do their work digitally.

But from a fiscal point of view, how do you work as a freelancer in the U.S.?

According to the regulations in force, it is possible to carry out occasional work without the need to have a VAT number only if you do not exceed 5,000 euros gross per year, in this case, it will be enough to make a withholding tax for the work done.

If, on the other hand, continuous work is carried out or the aforementioned threshold has been exceeded, it is necessary to open the VAT number.

Are you curious about the 10 best sites to find a job as a digital freelancer? Let’s see them now!

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  • 1 Upwork
  • 2 Fiverr
  • 3 Behance
  • 4 WeWorkRemotely
  • 5 Zooppa
  • 6 Twago
  • 7 Freelancer
  • 8 Advance
  • 9 LinkedIn
  • 10 Website


Upwork is the main worldwide platform for freelancers: simple and intuitive, it is possible to apply for job offers, quickly and easily.

L ‘ registration is free, however, there are commissions on payments received, to take into account also that the currency currently is approved only the dollar, so there are also disadvantages in the currency exchange.


Fiverr is a platform where you can apply for offers and make yourself known through a personal branding strategy, offering your services worldwide, the site is in English, quite intuitive, while the mobile version is not completely user-friendly.

L ‘ subscription is free and also on this website are provided for payment fees.


Behance is a platform created to share one’s work, portfolio and make contacts with other professionals.

It is a portal dedicated above all too graphic designers and designers, however today it is also possible to find jobs for other digital professions, such as copywriters or social media managers.


WeWorkRemotely is the largest community that works remotely in the world with as many as 2.5 million freelancers.

You can apply for freelance jobs directly from their site and there are also many free resources to learn more about life as a freelancer.


Zooppa is a platform for freelancers in the communication, marketing, and advertising sector, especially graphic designers and video editors.

L ‘ registration is free and to win the job, we propose a real tender.


Twago is a marketplace for freelancers mainly engaged in translation, design, and programming.

The I scripting is free and is not the customer to choose the freelancer, but conversely, it offers the customer the project and freelancers are candidates to make it happen.


Freelancer is a platform where you can find freelance work or participate in the implementation of projects and start-ups.


Addlance is an Italian platform where it is possible to find freelance work: it certainly has less competition than other portals, however, to apply it is necessary to pay credits.


LinkedIn certainly needs no introduction it is the social network linked to business par excellence: you can apply for job offers directly via the website or app or by contacting the advertiser.

L ‘ registration is free and it is important to create a network balance and target.


Last but not least, your website, having a website equipped with a blog is still effective for finding customers on the web.

You just need to create it yourself or entrust the work to third parties, to get a performing site: remember to feed the great lakes student loans blog with valuable and well-positioned content from an SEO perspective to have the site indexed on search engines.

I hope you found this mini-guide useful for finding a digital freelance job: do you know other sites? If so, write it down in the comments!