4 Tips On Preparing A Hotel To Reopen After COVID-19 Restrictions


During the COVID-19 recovery period, hotels and resorts are again up and running across the nation. However, safety is still a big concern. Fortunately, there is a way to ensure safe environments for guests and all hospitable professionals – partnering with a hotel staffing agency in Austin, TX. Having a team of trained professionals ensures all protocols are followed, and safe work habits are practiced while hotels and management companies prepare themselves to welcome guests.

Here are a few things hotels and resorts need to focus on to create a safe environment for guests and provide the best possible experience.

Repair Defects

It’s an excellent decision to address defects and get done with repair works before posting the ‘we are open’ signs everywhere. Do a thorough inspection of the property and create a list of repair and maintenance works. Perhaps you need to change the plumbing or fix hardware failures before opening your hotel once again. Trained housekeeping staff will help you detect all defects that might require immediate attention. They will also perform minor maintenance to save you from extensive repair work later.

Deep Cleaning

Dust and dirt make home when you don’t use a property for a long time. As your hotels have been dormant for months, it’s best to get rid of cobwebs and deep clean everything – from carpets to things as small as doorknobs. You can get the floor polished, drapery replaced, and upholstery cleaned by professionals. When you hire a team of cleaning professionals from a hotel staffing agency in Austin, Tx, you make your work even easier than before. That’s because a hotel staff knows how deep clean the entire property and keep every room in order.

Guest Assurance

Despite following COVID-19 safety guidelines, people fear exposing themselves to an unsafe environment. The best way to ensure them that they are safe is to let them know all the safety protocols you follow. Take advantage of social media to provide them all needed information – including how social distancing will be followed, chemicals used for deep cleaning and disinfection, enhanced protocols – to maximize everyone’s safety.

Future Outbreaks

Although many countries are COVID-19 free now, others still struggle to recover from the pandemic. That’s why adopting the new normal has become crucial in the hospitality industry to keep everyone safe. Besides deep cleaning and sanitizing, hotels and management companies might need to prepare themselves for the possibility of outbreaks in the future. Having a plan, for instance, isolating rooms is a smart way to create a safe place for each guest.

Preparing to reopen a hotel might seem overwhelming, but it isn’t when you keep these tips in mind. Whether you need hotel staff or event professionals, get in touch with a hotel and stadium staffing agency in Austin, Texas, for trained hospitality professionals.