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Small Business Tips
Small Business Tips

The hospitality industry is one of the most resilient, adaptable, and dynamic industries in the world, it keeps growing daily. The industry created a new hospitality Job every second, making it a vital sector of the world’s economy. The introduction of technology and innovation have also been integrated to improve the guest experience. Whether you are about to start your hospitality business or have been running it for a while and still need guidance to make it unique out of millions of hospitality businesses out there. Here are tips for the small business entrepreneur in Hospitality from David Antico senior executive in hospitality both internationally and domestically to help grow your brand and increase sales and make it stand out from competitors. 


Hospitality is all about great service. The service of the staff will either make the customer revisit or not. The reason why each hotel department must organize tasting sessions, training classes, business visits, and traveling for masterclasses, is so they can develop their skills. This training will make every staff more equipped from the front office desk to the chef. As soon as employees know more about their services they will not only serve but also have fun serving and selling. 

Appreciating your staff is another way of investing, motivating your staff.  This will give them courage to tackle the difficult tasks. Bonus, incentive, acknowledgment, gifts, and celebrating your employee make them feel wanted and accepted. By doing all of this, the employee will not only work for money’s sake but will for the betterment of the company. 

Don’t forget as an entrepreneur, it is a must to gather the right people around you, especially for the aspect that you know less about.


Most customers are motivated by the experience of others. Before booking a hotel, people always read the customer’s feedback on the website and social media. They want to know about their services, how they treat their customers, responses of the customer care department, and so on. 

Instead of only showing attraction places like hotel rooms, Banquet, conference rooms, and others, use promotional material to showcase how people experience them. The better way to use this material is by initiating the sharing of user-generated content, where the customer can share their own moment experiences on the company website and social media. 

With this promotion, the hotel turns its visitors into ambassadors for advertisement. Word-of-mouth promotion can be extremely successful because it’s considered more trustworthy than reading or hearing from the organization. 


Over the past few years, the use of innovative technology has been growing rapidly worldwide. People like to check Goggle, Yelp, Tripadvisor, and social media to check the latest establishment. To reach your customer’s doorsteps it’s advisable to use social media and digital marketing.

It is a great investment for a hospitality business to have a website and all top-notch Social media applications to connect to their potential customers. This platform can be used to share important information about your business and generate great buzz around your brand. 

Digital marketing has influenced the market immensely. Booking a hotel, homestay, or hospitality service for a vacation has changed a lot. All people do is check for customer reviews on the internet before deciding to book or not. It goes long in showcasing your business and reaching your target market. 


Influencers are people with established and loyal followers on a platform like Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, Facebook, or their blog. Their followers believe every word that comes out and any brand they advertise to them. These influencers can also be actors, musicians, athletes, entrepreneurs, and famous people in the world. 

Their followers tend to trust the influencer’s opinion more than they would trust an organization. By partnering with influencers, you can promote your hotel across different platforms, even to niche audiences, who are then likely to react positively to the promotion

Modern internet users have a distrust for direct advertising and other overt marketing methods. However, many of these people will be able to reach indirectly, through the use of influencers for promotion. 


When it comes to the hospitality business, consistency is one of the keys to a successful khotel. Starting a good service and maintaining its consistency are two different things entirely.  Constant innovation and experimentation are a must also initiating new entertainment and events like a magician, old school music, drama, and more. 

In the hospitality industry, several businesses are growing due to their creative concept and entertainment. Also, homestay is another sector that catches customer attention. Making people feel at home despite being away from their own home.

There is a saying in the hospitality sector that people will forget what you say but will never forget how you make them feel. So daily consistency and continuity make the customer come back again and again even bringing their extended families. 

The bottom Line 

The hospitality industry plays an enormous role in making individuals feel at home though away from home. They also create more job opportunities for citizens worldwide.