5 Top Green Logistics Solutions Impacting the Industry

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There has been a slow revolution in logistics worldwide. Most companies are adopting sustainable and environmentally friendly policies in their logistics. These innovative green solutions that have been adopted using world import-export data to formulate have been paving the way for a new industry standard.

Start-ups are coming up with new ideas every day to simplify processes and services. But there are a few start-ups that are looking for ways they can revolutionize the way logistics is executed. Their theory is just because it has always been done like that doesn’t mean there is a better way. It is these start-ups that are causing monumental changes in international and national trade logistics.

Top 5 Green Logistics Solutions Revolutionising The Industry

1. RigiTech – Cargo Delivery Drones

Rigi-Tech used import-export data intelligence to solve a problem most suppliers weren’t even sure they had. This innovation focuses on the last mile of delivery, that is, local delivery after it has been dispatched by the warehouse. This mode of delivery is highly inefficient as most companies use private vendors.

Furthermore, there is little to no collaboration that leads to increased inefficiency. That’s not the end as the inefficiency gives rise to traffic jams and other inconveniences. With Rigi-Tech drones used for delivery, the problem can be solved. They can travel up to 80 km, have a very high payload capacity, and cause zero emissions. This is the future of delivery packages.

2. Velove – Electric Cargo Bikes

The last leg in the delivery chain is the most inefficient and causes the most carbon impact, which is why many companies like RigiTech and Velove are looking for solutions by examining world import-export data and emissions.

Velove has come up with bikes that are highly efficient, cost-effective, and have low emissions compared to bikes or trucks. These bikes were designed with delivery in mind, so they are built with light material that is highly durable. They can also carry a large number of packages to be stored in theft-proof containers.

3. NomadPower – Green Cold Chain

Some of the products that cause a lot of emissions to transport are thermally sensitive products. These products are more expensive because they require transportation with proper facilities. They also cost the most to the environment because of the constant use of power required to maintain a specific temperature.

Since the trucks need to be refrigerated, it depends on an engine or diesel generator for power. However, NomadPower has worked around this by building up an infrastructure for trucks to be able to charge their vehicles on the way. By substituting fossil fuels for clean energy, there is a massive reduction in the emissions created.

4. Blubirch – Reverse Logistics

The first rule of recycling is to reduce; however, most consumers are not very good at that. This is why the Indian start-up is focused on providing them with recycling and disposal mechanisms that are environmentally friendly. This company wants to optimize return logistics by putting the infrastructure in place to make it as easy to recycle and return the maximum amount of products.

5. SeaRoutes – Voyage Optimization

Transport across the seas may be the cheapest way to transport anything internationally, but it also causes the most amount of emissions. Using world import-export data intelligence, SeaRoutes has worked out an algorithm that optimizes sea transport. This German-based start-up calculates the most fuel-efficient route taking rough waters and historical data into account.

Why Should You Adopt These Practices?

These practices are not only slowly becoming industry standard, but they are also highly environmentally friendly. With their help, we can slowly reduce the carbon footprint international trade has on the world.