What is a GoJek Clone? How Does it Support Your Delivery Business?

Gojek Clone

Mobile apps have a major influence on our lives. We have grown dependent on it for every single task of ours. The apps are super convenient, offer quick services and most importantly you can have your tasks accomplished in just a few swaps. Just a smartphone and an internet connection are enough. Today, we will be discussing one of the unique kinds of app – the Gojek Clone App.

Gojek Clone App is a ready-made solution offering 60+ multiple on-demand services that will give you the grip of the market. Due to the pandemic, businesses are struggling to keep up. People need their day-to-day essentials at the doorstep.  Along with ordering daily essential needs, people are hiring various kinds of professional services too. Thus, building Gojek Clone App will be highly beneficial for your business.

What Is Gojek Clone?

Today there are hundreds and thousands of app available for ordering daily essentials online.  However, it might be helpful but, it clutters the smartphone, consuming a lot of storage. And that’s when Gojek Clone App offers 60+ on-demand multiple services under a single application.

Gojek Clone Script Solution includes categories like on-demand delivery, transportation, grooming services, house cleaning, sanitization services, and 55 more in one feature-rich app. When developing Gojek Clone App, you need to have a thorough knowledge of your target audience, analysis of competitor’s app, plan the right business model targeted niche, a well-planned business model, and effective marketing strategies.

How Gojek Clone App Your Business?

Like explained, Gojek Clone App comes integrated with 60+ services under a single roof. For entrepreneurs, it is a win-win situation as it enables you to leverage the end number of services for your customers.

How does Gojek Clone Support the Business?

Having multiple services means getting steady cash flow from various streams

  • For every confirmed booking, a set commission is charged. Furthermore, you can charge for canceled orders, a commission from the service providers, 3rd party apps.
  • The service providers that you will be on-boarding will be the local community. This means you are helping in upgrading their livelihood, enabling them to earn a decent income.
  • Independent service providers like babysitters, beauticians, pet walkers can have a decent monthly income using Gojek Clone App.
  • The delivery drivers will be signing up with your app will be earning you commission along with making a decent monthly income.

Gojek Clone App – How To Use?

On-demand Ride Booking

The user will download and register with the app. The on-demand ride-booking option will provide them with a variety of options. The user will select the ride option from the list and confirm the booking. They can choose to pay for the ride using in-app multiple payment modes or pay cash.

On-demand Delivery

The on-demand delivery option allows the user to order groceries, food, medicines, wine/alcohol, as well as other daily essentials. Once the user clicks on the respective delivery type, check out the cart and pay via in-app payment options.  The delivery driver will deliver the items at the doorstep or how the user chose to be delivered.

On-demand Services

Handyman services, Beautician, House cleaning, Sanitization services, Car washing services, Electrical services, Painting, Plumbing, Carpentry, as well as other household chores, repairing, and maintenance can be accessed under this category.

Gojek Clone App has a user-friendly interface thus makes it easy for the users to book their on-demand services. The users with a single tap can hire independent service providers to accomplish their chores.

How To Get the Best Gojek Clone App?

There are lots of Gojek like apps in the market. However, having the right set of features with amazing functionalities, and a user-friendly interface is what you should be looking for to achieve success.

To be a successful Appreneur doesn’t mean building and launching Gojek Clone App but it has to be well-designed that fulfills the customer needs. Therefore, the Gojek App Development company you choose should work with should have a good reputation in the industry. Check their ratings and client testimonials to know their work and commitment towards providing a high-quality Gojek Clone App.

If you are looking to start an on-demand business right away, then you should go for a ready-made white-label Gojek App Solution then you should have a ready-to-use Gojek Clone. However, before you place the order, go for a free trial to know its reliability.