How to Get Accurate Relocation Costs ?

relocation costs

Relocation is a stressful process. However, there are occasions, when due to education, or career, you will have to make a shift. Are you making a move from Delhi to another place? Are you worried about the different charges that will be in the final bill of Packers and movers Delhi? This blog on How to get accurate relocation costs in Delhi will give you some pointers.

However, it is always difficult to tell you the accurate cost for shipping as there are tons of factors involved and that may affect your charges.

Here are a Few Factors you Must Consider

  • Type of goods you are sending
  • Amount of goods you are sending
  • Type of packing and used picking the material type
  • The total distance you want to move
  • Your shifting is from which floor to which floor (Does a Service lift available in your source and destination if it is an apartment)
  • The rising fossil fuel price
  • The number of toll plazas are there in your shipping
  • If any Labour charges are there
  • Green tax and actuary charges if any

To be honest, you can get to know relocation charges only when the relocation supervisor from the moving company visits your home. Inspect all your goods you want to move and the total distance you want to move then only he can give you an accurate relocation cost. However, you can use one online packer and movers calculator to get an approximate price of your shipping and according to that, you can manage your moving budget. Still, please follow the tips in this blog and you can find accurate relocation costs in Delhi with precision.

Identify your Needs

If you have selected a reliable moving company for shifting your memorable household goods in Delhi, then they will ask the question – what are your needs? So take a pen and paper; write down the details. Do your fragile items such as artwork & electronic appliances? Then you need special packaging for these items.

The type of packing material with how many layers of packing need for your goods can give your a rough idea of the cost involved in the packing material purchase. There are 1 layer, 2 layers, 3 layers and 4 layer packing types there. A good packing and movers company will give you 3 to 4 layer packing assurance and which is also recommended. Apart from this, you can use wooden packing for some of your delicate and precious items.

Delhi is the capital of India with most of the official world places so there is so many no entry this may affect your shipping cost. Apart from the no of tool plaza and consider green tax to get the accurate cost in Delhi.

Do you stay on the first floor or on the fifth floor of an apartment? Then you need to calculate the labour cost involved in bringing your home items to the ground floor. If there is no lift in your building, then the labour charges may be more.

Communication with Movers and Packers Team

You may have selected a professional packers and movers team. Before the selection, you should contact at least the four best packers in Delhi and tell each of them your needs. Do some necessary research about the company background and previous work history to keep away from frauded or damage of goods. Convince them to visit your place and give you a physical copy of the quotation.

This will ensure you get different prices. Now, with comparisons and a little discussion, you can get the perfect relocation company in Delhi for your need. which will also give you the accurate cost for your needs.

Ask the Supervisor

Allow the selected company’s supervisor to visit your home and take a look at the items and give you the accurate relocation costs. He will get to know the packaging materials he has to bring along with the number of professionals for loading your home items. Also, he has to arrange the vehicle for the move.

Now you can ask him to provide the accurate shifting service charges in Delhi for your home. He can give the quote, but you should take care not to add any new items on a moving day. Confirm from the supervisor is there any hidden cost involved or not?

The supervisor can give information on the different price charges on the weekends, weekdays, summer and winter seasons. This will help you decide on the moving date.


Hope you have got the perfect answer to your question. But here is a piece of advice don’t just fall for cheap prices as service matters a lot. There are so many relocation companies who can give you very low prices but the end of billing will be huge with some hidden costs.

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