How should I not let my Floor Speak Volumes about my House Renovation?

Floor protection

If you’ve ever had a close look at renovations or a house being built completely from scratch, the majority of the aesthetic work, lighting, tiles or wallpapers on the walls, etc are done after the flooring is done and dealt with. So what exactly do you do to protect your flooring surfaces if not with a carpet protection film?

Apart from carpet protection dispenser, floor protection is yet another counterpart. Where carpet protection dispenser is a high-quality adhesive sheet, floor protection is usually made of plastic.  Floor protection doesn’t only cover carpets, but also any hard surfaces like vinyl, tiles, laminate, concrete, hardwood, granite, wooden floors or marbles to save it from the aftermath of renovations or the party you have at home. Further, the options to be chosen should also depend on the debris that it will collect. Another most important thing is if the debris is hard-hitting, it might damage or tear the floor covering, causing the surface beneath to collect dust and stains.

It has all the same benefits of a carpet protection film but is usually used for hard surfaces. Not only does it protect your flooring surfaces, but helps retains its cleanliness, freshness and keeps odors at bay

A wide range of temporary floor protection is available in the market and you can decide the use of it completely according to your needs. Some of the common types of floor protections are Ram board and Masonite, a plethora of contenders are available in the market to compete with it, along with their unique features. Though considering the budget during the choice of the option will be an important factor

Other factors to take into consideration while choosing the perfect floor protection for you would be periods of installations, reusability, durability, whether its environment friendly or not, etc. Some of the other floor protection also comes with the quality of being tangible or pliable to suit the needs of the consumer

Other alternatives include runner mats to avoid damage from spilled paint, etc. Sticky mats are yet another example of floor protection, especially when sanitation is key.

Further, there are a couple of things to be kept in mind when using floor protection. For example, the Rosin can leak out red pigment on your floor due to humidity or moisture, hence, in such cases, plastic sheets or other floor covering options are more preferred.