6 factors to keep in mind for making a successful Guest Blog

6 factors to keep in mind for making a successful guest blog (1)

Guest posting is one of the biggest elements of content marketing. When you write guest posts for other blogs or allow guest blogs on your website, it helps rank your blog better on Google. But that is not the only use of writing a guest post. A guest post can also help your writing career as some blogs or websites will pay you good money to write a guest post if they are exceptional of course.

You can become a great guest blogger and help move your career in a successful direction while also making sure that your website improves too.

A while back you could write anything in a guest blog, and not worry about getting bad ranking. You could use spammy content or old content or even copy it, and it would move ahead in search engine rankings as long as you have keywords. 

But Google and other search engines now penalize a website with spammy or copied content. It only gives good ranking to a guest blog that has relevant and original content and uses SEO tactics. Now, you need to work on your guest blog, follow the guidelines, research the target audience, and so on to write a perfect piece of content.

In this blog, we will learn some tips that will help you write an exceptional and successful piece of content. 

1.      Find the right platform 

The first thing that you need to do is to find the right website for your guest post. You should not guest write for a website that doesn’t cover your niche. It is because you won’t be able to do justice to it, and also it won’t help your blog grow.

2.      The guest post should direct people to an outcome and not home page

When you write a guest post, you insert some inbound links and links in the author’s biography that you get. Now, if it lands them on the homepage of your website instead of funneling them to the page you want them to, it is a waste of the guest post. You don’t have to lead them to the homepage of your website, you have to direct them towards specific content. Or it can be to subscribe to your newsletter or to download an email. It usually depends on what outcome you want from that guest post.

3.      Use original pictures

Remember that writing this guest blog will help your website gain popularity and ranking. So, put all efforts into it. That means using original and quality images or any other visual you seem is relevant and will make the content more useful for the audience, like an infographic. You can use Canva to create infographics or original images or edit your images.

4.      Make your headline compelling 

One of the most integral parts of a guest piece is its headline. It is one thing that will push your readers to open the link to read the article. Whether you come up with the headline after you write the content or before, that is up to you. But keep in mind that focus at least 70% of your dedicated time for writing the headline. You want it to be compelling, short, have a keyword, and get across the essence of the whole content. It requires a lot of thinking and brainstorming, so be prepared for that.

5. Pay attention to formatting

Focus on how you are presenting your article. If you write big chunks of paragraphs without breaking it, it becomes unreadable. So, make sure your guest post has white space which is the space between your paragraphs, lines, or text.

Moreover, pay attention to the guidelines of the website you are guest blogging for. If they require a particular font or size, use that only.

6. No duplicate copy

The host blogs want to provide the best content to its readers. That means that they won’t accept any content that is copied or old. So, you must write original and quality content that can be useful.

Moreover, don’t use the old blog of your article as a guest post unless you have made a deal regarding the same with the host blog. 

Lastly, let your personality show in the content and use figures and statistics. All this will help you write a great guest post and get good results out of it.