Design Your House as Relaxing Place This Summer

House in Summer

Summer is here, and so are the warm vibes. Cold winter nights accompanied by hot keyway and coffee are great, yet enjoying a chilled fresh juice in your room on a hot summer day is no less. With the summer environment, Interior Design Companies Dubai are approached by people to change the interior of their homes to fresh and bright vibes.

Before you connect to an interior design company like Exotic Interior Studio, here are a few ideas for you to look at. They will help you understand and communicate better with the interior designer.

All White

Summers are a time of freshness and brightness, and going all white while decorating your home is an excellent idea. You can either opt for white paint along with elements to complement the interior. Or, go for a white-based wallpaper with bright colored prints like yellow or teal to add a subtle look.

Go Bright

If you are not a fan of white, there are so many bright and pretty summer colors to choose from for your house. Yellow and rust make a beautiful combination for homes in summer. Pairing yellow with white, grey, or teal is also one of the most popular options. Interior designer experts suggest having white paint with a feature wall painted in a soft yellow tone.

Colorful Bedroom

Interior Design Companies Dubai understand that not everyone likes a lot of colors in their room.

But what’s a summer without bright colors? 

Whether you like bright colors or not, this time, buy some floral and geometric bed sheets for your bedroom in yellow, pink, teal, orange, and similar colors to see the difference they make. Finish the look with matching or contrasting pillows that enhance the overall look.

Add Flowers

There are a variety of flowers that bloom in the summer and give your summer residence an incredibly stunning appearance. Due to their bright appearance and delicious aroma, marigold and daisies are among the most popular summer flowers. The flowers you choose are determined by the weather in your area and the colours you wish to incorporate into the decor of your home. Summer is also an excellent time to plant flowers in your yard.

Opt for Artificials

Not everyone has enough time to look after the garden. Thus, you can also go for artificial flowers if you like. The world of artificial flowers is vast, with hundreds of choices in all colors and kinds for you to have the look you are looking for. Having artificial flowers allows you to have a different theme in each room without the fear of wilting flowers.


Lanterns are an 1800s thing, yet we have to admit that they look so pleasing to the eyes. Paper lanterns have become quite popular in the past years and a part of almost every summer house party. Other than paper lanterns, Chinese lanterns can also be the choice of lanterns depending on the color of the walls. 

Beach Chairs

Going to the beach is not possible every day, yet bringing beach vibes to your house is! Beach chairs are one of the most related accessories to beach and beach vibes. According to your budget, you can also buy one or two beach chairs to enjoy a sunbath on subtly sunny days.

A Couch along with the Window

If you do not have a couch near your glass window, it is time to have one. On summer mornings, the bright sunny rays feel so warm and cozy that you would love to read a book or watch a series sitting by the window any day. Those who live in a warmer region can have blinds on the window to have only enough sunlight they need.

Vibrant Living Room

The living room is as important as the bedroom or the backyard, and giving it a different look will help revamp your house overall. Guests also appreciate colors relevant to the weather, and adding vibrant colors to the living room is a nice change that we usually skip. Yellow is not the only summer color, and you can choose from several like rose gold and teal or peach. 


Interior Design Companies Dubai, including Exotic Interior Studios, encourage their clients to play with the interior of their house and opt for bright colors in the summers. Adding bright curtains, bedsheets, or flowers allows a change without having to make permanent modifications. Take notes and enjoy renovating and designing your home.

Happy designing!