How to Create the Perfect Poolroom at Home


During leisure hours, playing table pool games is a piece of heaven you can consider for rejuvenating your energy. You can either enjoy scoring some points with friends and family or have a practice session alone in a leisure room. If you are planning to set up such a poolroom, here are some basic tips you can consider.

Get more space

Just like a family dining table, a pool table comes in a size that is usually bigger than the computer desk. You should choose a room that is big enough to contain the table and accessories such as plank and hide shuffleboard tables. Installing the table in the living room would be an absurd idea because most of the time the room is occupied by family members. Find an extra room your home folks seldom use or used for storing household items. If you have a basement, you can modify it instantly. Otherwise, choose the garage or a garden room for making some space to establish the game area.

Furniture and equipment

When two people are busy playing a game on the table, other spectators will need to take a seat to relax. When the pool table lies in the center, you need to deck up the surrounding with appropriate furniture even though you are not organizing an international tournament. Bring in some small chairs or a long sofa upon which people can sit and chat. Some pool game enthusiasts generally create a complete living suite by installing refrigerators and coffee machines in the room. Such input can create a vibe of a complete game lounge.


Since pool games require focusing on the table, the area needs proper lighting so that players can see the position of the cue ball and other eight balls. If your house has windows or vents, you may get natural lights inside the room during the daytime. In the case of an interior section where sunlight cannot reach from walls and ceilings, you will need to install a lighting system. Adequate brightness not only improves the performance of players but also lifts the moods. Make sure you invest in affordable LED lighting for your poolroom.


Playing pool in a big-league may be a serious business, but enjoying it at home with your friends should be a part of entertainment events. Borrow some ideas from the lounge and bar setup by adorning the room with a home stereo system. Collect some popular soft genres such as jazz, trip-hop, and other soothing music for your playlist. Avoid playing bubble pop or loud music that can ruin the fun. You can invest in surround sound speakers while your computer is the music player.

Find a pool table store that sells table accessories, including table cues, pool balls, and corner floor racks. These products are available at affordable rates so that game lovers can get the most out of their poolrooms.