How Much Does it Cost to Repair or Replace a Car Door Lock?

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Repairing your car door varies a lot in cost due to several factors.  It depends on several variables, especially the type of locking system on the door. 

Taking into account all the parts that could be responsible for the door’s failure, the repair cost can fluctuate greatly.  Here we present cost averages. It is not possible to establish fixed costs, and the following prices are no initial costs. 

Do it yourself 

At first glance, repairing a lock yourself may seem like a godsend since you only have to buy the parts to be changed.  A door lock cylinder can be purchased at a reasonable price. 

But the type of car determines the price of locks. 

In addition, the other internal door mechanisms (electronic circuit, locking mechanisms) may require changes.  

It goes without saying that this increases the cost of repairs.  In addition, if the parts are only available at your dealership, the repair costs have just risen drastically. It is difficult to assess the value of your work in hourly rates.  Obviously, your labour saves you money, but that depends on how much value you attach to the hours worked (that’s up to you to make that judgement). 

Locksmith jobs require time and a lot of preparation. Any errors increase costs. Maybe you need a cylinder replacement, reconfiguration or just new keys, all things that require a specialist.  Fortunately, in most cases, replacing the defective part solves the problem. 

(Locksmith) Third Party 

The cost of a locksmith’s labour is the sum of the cost of parts and labour. His work always results in the guaranteed repair of the defective part.  The cost varies a lot and depends on the extent of the work to be done.  The cost of services is rarely the lowest displayed except if your problem is the easiest to solve.  

But at least you have the guarantee that the work accomplished will not have to be redone, in addition to saving you hours of work. In addition to avoiding investing in manpower to accomplish this work, you avoid all research in order to do this type of work. Your only responsibility as a car owner is to find the right locksmith for your needs. Do not look for the most affordable, since quality always comes at a price. 

But this price should not be exorbitant, even much more than the competition.  Be sure to hire a specialist automotive locksmith. Thus, they have the know-how in connection with automobile locks.  

This type of locksmith can help you if a defect leaves you trapped outside your vehicle or if your key has broken in the lock. Other services are not included in the cost of a lock repair, however necessary. 


Dealerships have a reputation for being the most expensive when it comes to doing auto lock repairs. Replacing a lock is even much more expensive at the dealership.  In fact, they have no incentive to lower their price since they say they are the only ones who can solve the problem. 

In contrast, the value you get from their services is the certainty that the job will get done. There is no doubt about the competence of the staff, although the comfort you find with your dealer can quickly disappear when you receive the invoice.  

Essentially, getting your car to the dealership requires little work on your part. As mentioned above, going to your auto locksmith saves money and time, but the vehicle owner is responsible for finding a competent locksmith. 

By going to see the dealership you have the impression of saving time, but you have no guarantee that the work will be done quickly.  The dealer will not come on site to solve the problem, moreover he may prioritise more severe cases.  It’s up to you to decide what kind of peace of mind you want. 

Things to Consider 

If you’re looking for the cheapest option and are going to do the repair work yourself, you’re going to need some equipment.  If you don’t have the proper tools, the total cost of repairs is no longer just the cost of replacing parts. 

You may need to purchase specialty screwdrivers that insert anti-theft nuts.  Maybe you will have to change the electrical circuit or arrange the electrical wires.  It would be necessary to plan round trips to the hardware store to collect the basic equipment. 

Experience and Research 

If you have all the tools, the next important step is to have the necessary training. Despite proper training, you may find yourself doing research on the Internet.  If you do this type of repair blindly, you’re going to feel that the costs are rising quickly and the risk of a new part breaking increases. 

Aside from the lock breaking, there is a lot of wiring that can come undone.  Damage to the wiring can increase costs far beyond the initial cost of a lock replacement.  Also, removing the panels on the door to gain access to the door may break the latches. All sorts of unforeseen things can happen if you don’t know what you’re doing. 

Cost vs. Convenience 

Everyone wants to reduce the cost of repairing their door lock. At some point, a low upfront cost, as enticing as it sounds, is impractical. If you don’t master the tools involved in replacing a lock, the problem will persist. You shouldn’t have your eyes bigger than your stomach.  Gains are hard to come by when we decide to solve the problems ourselves. 


Make sure you choose a lock repair with a cost that suits you. Pricing for certain situations may be set outside the range offered. The prices quoted do not include the costs of other services related to the replacement of locks.