How to Create Compelling Content that Converts: Tips for Perth Businesses

Compelling Content

Creating compelling content is key to the success of your content marketing as a Perth business. However, it can be tricky to craft content that truly resonates with your audience and converts them into loyal customers.

Thatā€™s where the expertise of a talented content marketing agency in Perth comes in handy! Follow this guide covering the essential elements your content needs, and some top Perth content creation tips, to see results fast:

Know Your Audience Inside Out

Getting inside the head of your ideal customers is the foundation of any winning piece of content. Before you start writing, research your target demographic thoroughly via surveys, interviews and browsing forums. Gather insights into:

  • Their biggest questions, concerns and goals
  • The language terms and slang they use
  • Their content consumption habits
  • Their motivations and barriers to purchase

These gold nuggets should steer your compelling content angle, format, messaging, tone, and calls to action. Aligning these tightly with your Perth audience is what transforms generic content into compelling content. If you’re unsure about the nuances of connecting with your local audience, consider consulting a reputable content marketing agency in Perth for expert guidance.

Offer Extremely Useful InformationĀ 

Blogs, guides and videos should aim to educate, not self-promote. Answer key questions and offer how-to advice that solves current problems for locals. Think what knowledge your ideal customers are seeking right now – and become a trusted provider of that invaluable information.

For example, a Laneway Dental blog could feature tips on overcoming childrenā€™s fear of visiting the dentist. This serves the audienceā€™s needs while subtly positioning them as the caring pediatric dentist of choice in Perth.

Keep Your Content Scannable

From webpage copy to eBooks, content that allows easy scanning is the most user-friendly compelling content. Break text up with descriptive headers, bullet lists and lots of white space between short paragraphs. Use bold or colour to highlight key points. Keep sentences short and concise so readers grasp messages quickly.

These standability boosters allow even time-poor locals to consume and benefit from your expertise easily. For bigger reports or guides, also provide a table of contents and summary section.

Know Which Format Will Appeal

While well-written blogs should form the backbone, experiment with a variety of multimedia content formats too. For example, Perth tradies may appreciate a short TikTok or Facebook video troubleshooting a common electrical issue in a visual step-by-step sequence.

Law firms could record a Q+A podcast answering FAQs on conveyancing queries raised by local home buyers. Mixing things up caters for different learning preferences amongst your diverse customers. Just ensure consistency across fonts, branding and messaging.

OptimizeĀ Content for SEO Value

Nailing down the optimal target keywords early helps shape content that ranks well in search engines – directing more high-value traffic to your site. Conduct thorough keyword research or work with a Perth SEO agency to identify keyword gaps and user search volumes.

Then seamlessly blend these terms into your content without overstuffing for an SEO boost. Other factors like meta descriptions, image ALT text, internal links and quality backlinks also bump up your search visibility and conversions over time.

Refine and Repurpose Valuable Content

Donā€™t throw that high-performing piece of content away once itā€™s live! Look at opportunities to refine and repurpose your best content across multiple formats and channels. For example, an in-depth guide could be reworked into a three-part video series or condensed into several snappy social posts.

Existing localized content also lends itself well to targeting nearby regions. This optimization and multiplication squeezes maximum mileage from your content investment.

Measure, Evaluate and ImproveĀ 

Leverage Google Analytics reporting to monitor metrics like dwell times, bounce rates, social shares, and conversions achieved per blog or campaign. Feed these learnings back into creating ever-sharper future content that resonates strongly with your Perth customer base. Hopefully, these tips help set your future content marketing efforts up for success.