Having a Birthday or a Wedding Cake – Both Delicious and Beautiful


Since all the special events like weddings and birthdays have been ending with breaking a delicious cake. Well, it is considered a symbol of good fortune amongst the ancient Romans. This tradition evolved decades ago; you must be thinking about how people normally celebrate the occasion that iconically. 

Well, the secret is that their cake has the best shape and flavor. While you interact with the guests approaching, experts serving timely birthday/wedding cake delivery in Los Angeles turn out to be a sigh of relief. However, with so many options, you might feel overwhelmed, especially when you buy online. 

To avoid all the confusion, we are here with some quick tips to help you deal with this preparation for your wedding or birthday. So, let’s get started. 

1. Look for a Reliable Baker

Any event planner can suggest options around LA. But the fact you need to be aware of is that most of the premium bakeries in LA just book up so fast, especially during the months of Spring, Fall, and Winters. So instead, look for a perfect cake design from Pinterest or Google that you simply want for your occasion. After shortlisting options, interview the bakers, and pay enough attention to the suggestions they offer. Ensure that you are at least prepared to pay anywhere between $5-$20 per slice. Sometimes, it can go beyond that as well if your cake idea has got some extra embellishments. 

2. Choosing a Pleasing Shape

Normally, when picking the right shape for wedding cakes in Los Angeles or around, a serialized shape of round layers is the most typical design. However, you can also go with square tiers as they are considered something contemporary these days. If you like to experiment with something more modern, then ovals, hexagons, and other whimsical shapes are always great to go ahead with. 

3. Icing Flavor That’s Rich and Smooth

Once done with the shape, now is the time to select the icing you would like to have for your cake. If you prefer something more with a smooth pattern, buttercream is the right choice. On the other hand, ganache can be the most delicious one with a glossy finish for all chocolate lovers. Apart from these two, fondants are made with gelatin, sugar, and corn syrup with a porcelain-like finish; Marzipan icing is the option that is crafted with egg whites, sugar, and ground almonds. The only downside of these two icings is that they are often more expensive than the first two. If you have a low budget, going without any icing is also a great idea; you can opt for some pretty flowers or fruits. 

4. Dots or Flowers for Decoration

As of now, if you have already made your mind not to choose any icing or keep it minimal, you still have the choice to go with some cute decorations in several ways. Normally, you can have swiss dots, scrolls, pipe beading, lacework, leaves, or swags. However, flowers with more details and realistic designs take time, so sometimes it becomes expensive. 

5. Flavor That Leaves Your Guests Stunned

When you go with any renowned wedding cake bakeries in Los Angeles, they will always show you the samples to try on. After all, that will only allow you to taste different flavors available. Or else, if you have anything specific in mind, make sure to share it with the baker. For instance, if you wish to go with the most basic flavor, vanilla, or have a multi-flavored cake. Where the outer look of the cake matters, what is inside the cake also counts a lot.