The Best Cryptocurrency Calendars

Best Cryptocurrency Calendars

The crypto world is jam-packed, and no day goes by without being called ‘eventful’ by the cryptocurrency enthusiasts. Cryptocurrency events are happening all over the world at all times. From coin burns to airdrops and conferences to seminars, the world keeps witnessing some or the other crypto event. Therefore, there needs to be a cryptocurrency news calendar that can update people on events taking place or about to take place in the crypto space. In this article, we have rounded up six of the best cryptocurrency calendars. You are free to select your pick based on our review.


Coinmarketcal is about two-years-old and has gained massive popularity ever since its inception. It relies on its community members to bring updates on events. There has been a substantial improvement in its listing criteria to such an extent that the data supplied by its community members is significantly accurate and immensely useful. Apart from providing a list of the top cryptocurrency events, it also allows visitors to filter by date, category, exchange, and price. Coinmarketal has in place bots on Twitter and Telegram, which keep making different posts online to keep the users engaged. Thus, it has all its bases covered.


The owners of Coinmarketcap must be infuriated when Coinmarketcal ripped off its identity and tweaked it by just replacing the last letter in the name. In return, Coinmarketcap decided to borrow the entire business model of its namesake. Although it has a somewhat simple and basic events page, it is ideal for keeping track of highly-anticipated upcoming crypto events. However, the site is struggling with a lack of curation. It means that the users are compelled to depend on the soundbites that the conference organizers provide. As such, every event is claimed to be the event of the year or the most awaited event of the year.


Kryptocal’s popularity is based on its ability to combine ICO listings with worldwide news events that allow users to filter by categories. These categories are meetings, conferences, airdrops, forks, and bounty programs. There are pages for every crypto coin and token, which you can access to find what is going on with them. Despite its inability to match the number of listings that Coinmarketcal offers, Kryptocal remains one of the best cryptocurrency calendars. Try it out and see for yourself such a pleasure it is to browse through this one.

Crypto calendar

Crypto calendar hasn’t got as impressive a user interface as some other sites featured here have. But it provides adequate information about the number of events happening across the globe on any given day. Also, it provides a clear picture of the scope of these events. Also, it has an excellent search feature, which will take you through an exceptionally-designed events page for whichever cryptocurrency you prefer.


I know, it has started to get difficult to distinguish between so many similarly-named websites (OOPS!). Coinscalendar has a somewhat generic look, but it has several other features to make up for this drawback. It has a high number of categories and coins. So you can get granular information on whatever you are looking for. Also, it features news on whitepaper-related events. So if whitepapers are your thing, go for this one.

Crypto Dates

Crypto Dates is user-generated and overlays a section of important cryptocurrency dates and events directly into your Google Calendar. Every bit of news on the crypto world finds its way into your Google Calendar, helping you stay informed all the time.


With so many similarly-named calendars, this list of best cryptocurrency calendars might be of some assistance. However, you will need to analyze the pros and cons of each one of these to make a more informed decision.