3 Ways to make Beautiful Food Gift Boxes

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When it comes to the packaging of food item the primary function that has to be fulfilled by the box is its ability to keep the food item fresh for a long time period. Food gift boxes have to be made from the finest and sturdy material that bears the heat of hot food like pizza and also keeps the boxes from defusing even if placed under some weight during the shipping process.  The designing of the food boxes must be according to the dimensions and structure of the food product so that the product does not move around inside the box and stay fixed to its defined slot. You can Embellish the boxes at your own with different and unique creative ideas to make the receiver feel appreciated and honoured by your gift.

Embellish the boxes

Different box for each food item

There are millions of different cuisines available in the world that are countless if we start enlisting them. There are different kinds of packaging required for each food item to fit the needs of that specific product. However, the basic and most important factor of every box that is utilized for the purpose of eatable packaging is their tendency to keep the product protective from pollution, bacteria and any other harmful particle that could make them dangerous for human health. Another important fact is the ability of the meal boxes is to keep the product fresh for a very long time. For this purpose, there are two holes pinched at these back flaps of the boxes that keep the food ventilated and prevent them from getting rotten. The widely consumed packaging for the bakery items is the cardboard boxes that make it easier for the consumers to hold the box and their easy opening styles and locking flaps keep the products fresh. When it comes to the packaging of cooked items the requirements are changed to keep the product hot and ventilated. Best packaging is still the one that makes it easy for the students or office employees to open and close the food box over and over again without the fear of losing freshness and delicious taste of the eatable.

box for each food item

Themed gift boxes for different events

Little giveaways at the occasion of your child’s birthday party, bridal or baby shower, marriages, Halloween and Christmas always make these occasions more memorable and appreciated by the members. Design the boxes according to the theme to make them more relatable and to light up your occasion in a blink of an eye. At the occasion of Christmas, you can adopt the Santa Clause theme by using red, white, and black coloured food gift boxes for Christmas. Same as when it is the time of Halloween you can design the best and unbeatable witch style boxes to increase the horror of your Halloween celebration and also to make your scary night unforgettable by your spirit partners.

If you want to let the receiver see the delicious product encased inside the box, you are suggested to place a window cut out at the front or top panel of the box that would boost up the cravings and hunger. Custom food boxes with windows are widely consumed for the packaging of bakery items like cake, pastries and so on. these minor but innovative ideas can help you in bringing your packaging business to a whole new level and make you one of the most prominent packaging icon.

Custom food boxes

Handmade boxes:

Another unique yet very impressive way by which you can make your meal boxes extremely appealing and attractive for consumers is to give them a look that presents as if the boxes are handmade. To make your boxes look as if they are handmade decorate the boxes with ribbons, ornaments, buttons, and beads that would make them look delicate and special. This creative idea would automatically increase the worth of your boxes and make them prominent. As being a food box manufacturer you can apply all of the above-mentioned ideas on your boxes to increase your sales and attract more consumers in the shortest time duration.

Boxes role in brand recognition:

The best and easiest way of making awareness about you in the market is an excellent and correct use of your products that would not only extend your business but also proves to be very helpful in making more attraction with your consumers. The accurate and appropriate use of your wholesale food gift boxes would build your relationship with your consumers. You can introduce yourself with the help of your boxes by telling your consumers who you are, what products are you manufacturing and how could one talk to you. Use the bottom panel of your customized boxes to make your identification prominent. This way your brand would be recognized and your consumers would never go for any other brand other than you.

These little tactics proved to be helpful in expanding the business, increasing the gifting trend and also in gaining appreciation from the consumers