8 Important Factors to Consider for a Bathroom Installation

Bathroom Renovation

If you want to have the bathroom of your dreams, there are a few things you should think about before beginning the renovation process.

But bathroom renovations are no easy task. New bathroom installations are among the most complex and challenging home renovations, requiring considerable time and expenses, hence why prior research and planning are necessary.

To successfully increase the value of your home and get exactly what your family needs out of a new bathroom installation, here are eight factors you should consider to set yourself up properly…

1. Budget

Budget is the first and, arguably, most significant consideration to remember. Setting a budget and knowing how much you can spend on individual items will aid you in making critical choices during the renovation process. For reference, a modern bathroom renovation project starts from around $15,000, however, this is very dependent on your scope of works

You’ll have to make decisions about how much money to spend on supplies, appliances, tradespeople, plumbing elements, etc. With a detailed budget, your project can proceed seamlessly without interruption, and it pays to be well-organized, no matter if your bathroom renovation is a one-time project or a component of a larger home improvement project.

2. Available Space

Since the bathroom is usually the smallest room in the home, it’s essential to make the most of every square inch. Consider the bathroom’s shape and take precise measurements because there’s nothing more aggravating than buying fixtures that don’t fit, trust me!

For example, depending on your bathroom’s available space will dictate if a bath is suitable or not, but there is always the option of a combined shower and bathtub. While some might love indulging in the tub, others might find more value in having the extra floor space.

3. Bathroom Use

One of the most important considerations when designing your new bathroom installation is to consider who will be using your bathroom. For example, are you part of a busy family that needs hard-wearing installations with a layout that accommodates many people getting ready at the same time in the morning? Or is the bathroom renovation a haven for relaxation and unwinding, complete with a large freestanding bath? Both cases would necessitate very distinct designs and materials.

4. Style and Design

Some various styles and designs can be done in the bathroom, whether you choose to match the rest of the rooms in your house or go with something entirely new. Bathroom renovations are often about following the latest design trends by incorporating all-new modern fixtures and fittings.

Check out what’s trending on picture-based websites like Pinterest and Instagram to get ideas. It’s a helpful idea to collect some pictures you particularly like and put together an inspiration portfolio; this will help your contractor recommend dazzling ideas that suit your inspirations and budget. Knowing whether you like a simple bathroom, a designer bathroom, or an urban bathroom is helpful.

5. Taps and Fixtures

Small details will make a big difference in your bathroom installation, which is why you should think about the type of taps you choose carefully. Since there are endless taps and fixtures available on the market nowadays, making a decision isn’t as easy as you would imagine.

Tap choice is an essential consideration in your bathroom’s function, as today there are an abundance array of showerheads available such as sprays, rain showers, and handhelds. Taps and fixtures are also great ways to cut costs in your bathroom renovation as some showerheads can have initial lower costs as well as water-savings features.

6. Storage Requirements

If you’re short on space, try to get creative about your bathroom space. Invest in bathroom installations that provide lots of organized storage without taking up valuable floor space. Custom vanity units are ideal because they take up little floor space and are perfectly designed for space, making the most of every nook and cranny for storage while being the main design feature in your bathroom, complementing your bathroom’s style. Make the best of the room you have available by using wall niches and shelves to store all of your essential bathroom products, plants, and decorations.

7. Accessories

Modern accessories are a must-have for any bathroom upgrade. Imagine investing a significant amount of money in a brand-new bathroom suite just to see it destroyed by an outdated, rusted toilet paper holder. So, take your time thinking about the accessories you’ll want as the finishing touches on your dream bathroom.

Wall niches are excellent inexpensive structural features to add to your new bathroom installation. Niches can provide functional uses, for example, within the shower to hold hygiene products, or for aesthetic purchases to display accessories like candles, plants, etc.

8. Heating

Install a high-quality heating device in your bathroom to keep warm. Invest in a heated towel rail, which is suitable for even the smallest bathrooms, or go for a more conventional radiator that comes in a variety of styles. Also, underfloor heating is a cost-effective and efficient heating function that enhances convenience and warmth to accommodate every budget!

Turn Your Bathroom Renovation Ideas into Reality with Expert Bathroom Renovators

So, there you have it: eight easy things to think about before renovating your bathroom. Remember to stick to a tight schedule, consider the available space, and have a good idea of the look and design you want to achieve.

To ensure your bathroom renovation has longevity, you must hire a reputable and experienced bathroom renovation company that will save you time and money in your bathroom redesign. Design experts will help your design the most efficient layout for your bathroom, and project consultants will avoid the chances of complications throughout the renovation process.

All in all, you will have peace of mind throughout your bathroom renovation process with an experienced bathroom renovator. Make sure you check the client reviews, credentials, and photos of past projects before you hire a bathroom renovation company to ensure they can handle the scope of your project.