Bartending 101: Dos and Don’ts


Being a bartender can be tricky. As easy and unessential as the job sounds, a bartender is required to play many roles at a time. A bartender needs to be neutral (more like a diplomat) with his customers, an efficient and skilled worker with a good knowledge of cocktails and drinks, and be professional (like an ambassador) representing your brand. Unlike a nightclub or any other discotheque scenario, event bartending requires complete professionalism with an entirely different set of social skills. So, in case you are going as a bartender from a bartending staffing agency for a corporate event or any other business gathering, here’s what you need to do.

Do know the bartending lingo

As a part of a professional convention & event staffing agency, you are expected to be familiar with traditional cocktails and any other conventional drink mixes. Many events go for a pre-decided bar menu. In case the event is following any seasonal or local drink, familiarize yourself with them. Additionally, there are certain terms that are pretty common like:

● On the rocks: any drink served with cubes of ice
● With a twist: any drink served with a citrus zest
● Dry: a drink served with vermouth
● Mixer: a drink served with non-alcoholic substances
● Neat: a drink served undiluted (without being chilled with ice)
● Dirty: a drink served with juice and bar olives mixed in
● Virgin: served with all mixer; no alcohol

Don’t get into unnecessary conversations

Different event settings invite different sorts of people. While some enjoy indulging in conversations with a bartender, others like to simply enjoy the silence while sitting all alone at the bar with the drink. It’s important to respect their choice of company and privacy. Never force conversations with guests. In case one is not interested, learn to take a hint and move on with your tasks.

Do be civil and kind

Although we did ask you to keep away from any forced conversation, you don’t have to go to the whole other extreme. In case someone asks you something, be polite, and respond in a friendly way. You don’t have to be a recluse. Be kind and always greet your guests with a smile.

Don’t forget to suggest snacks

Food is an important essence of any party or event. Asking your guests to have something shows care and compassion which further adds to your hosting ability. Also, people might talk up your bartending staffing agency because of this courteous behavior, which is well, a plus for you.

Do be patient

It’s hard to think of something worse than when a bartender asks a guest what he/she wants while the person has just settled with a drink/food menu in hand.
Don’t hesitate to stop serving

As a professional bartender (and well as an adult too) it’s easy to spot for you a person with behaviors that indicate they have exceeded their alcohol tolerance. Bar maintenance comes with many liabilities. Thus, do not hesitate to say no while saving the person from embarrassment and maintaining the integrity of the event.

Although there are several more aspects that go into event bartending, this article shares some essential tips to get you ready for a professional event.