Asphalt Versus Concrete: What Reigns Supreme for Driveway Paving

Asphalt Versus Concrete

It Driveways are the runway to the home – they are the guide and usher you back to your safe space at the end of every day, and they provide secure grounds to depart in the morning. Most homeowners don’t think too hard about their driveway until they are in a position where they need to repair or replace the surface.

A new driveway installation is a significant home improvement project that provides your household with a solid foundation, elevates the home’s curb appeal, and increases the property’s overall value. With all the benefits of making those changes, there still sits an age-old question around materials – which is better, asphalt or concrete? The answer to this question will change depending on who you speak to. However, when you seek out a paving contractor in New Milford, NJ, those pavement professionals can assist you in determining which is better for you.

Cost is a Major Factor

As always, pricing is a significant factor that often drives people’s decision-making, and when you are looking for a reasonable price to pave your new driveway, asphalt is the way to go! Asphalt will always be the more secure, affordable solution in the paving sphere, with the average asphalt costing around $4.00 to $12.00 per square foot, depending on which time you choose for your property. Concrete is going to come in as being much more costly! The average cost of paving a concrete driveway is about $9.00 to $20.00 per square foot.

However, if you are working with a dependable contractor, the pricing can vary depending on the scale of your project, and you may be able to cut costs the more material you need.

Durability & Reliability Will Differ

Your driveway materials should always be durable and reliable, and you will generally want something that will last you a very long time. Asphalt is already used for most roads and highways for many reasons that could also carry over into your driveways.  is even used for roofing materials, additional forms of road construction, insulation products, etc. Asphalt is perfect for the New Jersey climate throughout every season because it remains flexible. It can expand and contract quickly and will help speed up the ice and snow melt throughout the Wintertime, persisting through the years.

Concrete differs slightly; it’s undoubtedly a durable material, but it has downsides in terms of reliability for New Jersey residents. While harming the surface isn’t easy and will certainly carry and distribute weight efficiently, it lacks flexibility. Generally, it works better in the Southern states for residential use.

Environmentally Friendly Options Are Preferred

There have long been swirls and rumors about asphalt being bad for the environment, but the exact opposite is true; asphalt is one of the most commonly recycled materials in the United States, and utilizing recycled asphalt is doing your household, community, and environment an excellent service.

Becoming environmentally conscious is on the rise. When you consider upgrading your property, emotions and moral questions may not be your first thought. Still, they actively engage in the process. Concrete is also a recyclable material, not all of its parts. The production also takes a lot of energy, so it isn’t safe to say this is the most environmentally friendly choice.

Personal Opinion & Appearance Will Finalize Your Choice

When you are in the market for a new driveway, the appearance is another piece that will inherently influence your decision. Asphalt is black and will provide a sleek, smooth feeling and aesthetic for your driveway. If preferred, you can seal the finished product with a different color and stamp in designs if you want to personalize your driveway. Some asphalt companies will offer the ability to tint the product before paving and tinting is completed with natural materials like rocks and glass.

Concrete is naturally grey; some homeowners use stamps or stains to change this color. The coloring doesn’t always come out perfect with concrete because the material already has a mixture of colors and grey tones. Your final opinion matters most, but asphalt paving seems to be the most popular and practical decision when you live in New Jersey.

Asphalt driveways provide homeowners with an excellent foundation, curb appeal, and all the other comforts of home. Installing a new driveway means reaching out to the pros to do so. NVN Paving in Wayne, NJ, offers premium asphalt paving for residential and commercial needs. NVN Pavers commits to assisting clients and community members in achieving their paving goals through asphalt paving solutions! If you are ready to start, contact local, reliable pavers in your neighborhood to accomplish the perfect asphalt driveway for your property!