4 Ways to Surprise & Delight Your Customers with Upscale Cosmetic Boxes

Cosmetic Boxes

Sprucing up your cosmetic boxes can be fatal. To achieve success, you need to maintain the right balance. This means your packaging shouldn’t be too flashy. Instead, the right amount will do the job for you.

Imagine someone walks up to you and asks: “What is your favorite product packaging?” What’ll be your answer?

Would it be something traditional, like a rectangular tea or shoebox?

Well, probably not.

I bet you’ll cite something unusual and astonishing. A packing that has offered an unmatched experience. A cosmetic box that made you fell in love with the product more than you would have expected. This is exactly what packing experts mean when they say packaging is your silent salesman.

However, designing a cosmetic box that will create a memorable experience is not as easy as it may sound. But this isn’t something that’s impossible.

In this article, we will tell you ways to embellish your cosmetic boxes wholesale supply so you can surprise and delight your customers.

Go With a Zesty Design

Zesty means fiery or invigorating and that’s exactly what your cosmetic boxes should say (besides highlighting the key features of your product). If you think it’s a folk tale, know that contrasts and colors have a direct effect on customers.

However, if your custom cosmetic box packaging is dreary and ill-inspired, it will fail to excite your customers. But this doesn’t mean you should throw in too many graphics and fonts because it can make your customers think as if something is off.

Zesty doesn’t mean you should go overboard. A simple or uncluttered design can be zesty too. If you think you cannot pull off an intriguing design yourself, join hands with a top packaging company like The Legacy Printing that can design your boxes using unique but smooth patterns without costing you an arm and a leg.

Address the Sense of Touch

Human beings possess an incredible sense of touch. Though numerous researches have shown that sight is the most important sense for humans, one cannot rule out the human touch.

In fact, the sense of touch plays a vital role when it comes to product packaging. Every customer that receives your product get to touch and feel the box. This gives them the gist of the surface and its texture. It tells them whether the surface is smooth or sticky. And does the imprint wash away if they scrub the surface a little?

Adding novelties to the surface is not a vague concept. Today, many packaging designs use various foils, layers, embossing, and debossing type processes to enrich the customer experience of touching the box. As a matter of fact, embossing on the product packing surface is associated with luxury.

Heavy Boxes are a Headache

Did it ever occur to you that heavy custom cosmetic boxes can give a headache to your customers? More importantly, they can greatly increase your transportation cost.

Of course, not every product packaging can be light as some goods are heavy, and require heavy packaging boxes to ship safely from one place to another. That said, one must avoid adding unnecessary weight to their packaging.

For instance, attaching a metal ornament to your bespoke cosmetic box might give an extravagant feel, but it will also increase the final weight. On top of it, your customers won’t be too pleased with the effort because lifting the box will be more critical for them.

So choose your packaging add-ons and materials carefully, else your customers have to test the strength of their backs.

Make it Easy-to-Open

An unprecedented closure is an easy way to influence your customers. Wondering what does it mean?

Minute details that instantly intrigues the receiver such as a magnetic closure or a ribbon tied around the box can work wonders for a beauty brand. Because an easy-to-open box makes it quite convenient to use your product.

Work towards crafting an intuitive and original cosmetic packaging if you want to astonish your customers with a chic encasing.